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CHALLENGE HOW-TO (Read this even if you've done challenges before)


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Pick Your Goals


Pick 1-3 goals related to workouts, nutrition, and/or mindset to work on over the next 5 weeks.


Create Your Thread


Start a new topic in the current challenge forum. You can find the current challenge forum here:



Name it whatever you want, but we recommend putting your name in the title!


Write Up Your Goals


You can write as much or as little as you want here, but the most important piece is writing out what your goals are.


Some other things that can be helpful to include are thinking about how you're going to accomplish these goals, some things that might get in the way, and how you're going to kick those things right in their behinds. 


Tag Your Thread


Under the title box, there's a button labelled "Add Tags". Click that and you can add tags, separated by commas. 


We use tags to separate ourselves into groups based on fitness goals, called guilds. (If you've done a challenge in the past, we're tagging our threads instead of putting them in guild specific subforums)


So, how should you tag your thread?


If your goals
Use the tag...
:rookie: Are getting back into fitness, this is your first challenge, or you're respawning after a longer break
:rebel: Are focused on general fitness, or you aren't sure about what guild you'd like to be in, or don't want to choose one
:adventurer: Revolve around hiking, geo-caching, travel, exploration, rock climbing, etc.
:assassin: Focus on bodyweight strength, gymnastics, dance, or parkour
:druid: Your goals center around movement based disciplines like yoga or tai chi,  or are focused on balance or mindset
:monk: Are martial arts focused (any discipline)
:ranger: Cover a wide variety of interests, as your ultimate goal is to be a jack-of-all trades
:scout: Focusing on endurance sports, such as running, swimming, or biking
:warrior: Revolve around getting as strong as possible


Yes, you are allowed to multi-class, or be in multiple guilds (whatever you'd like to call it :))! Just tag your thread with multiple guilds if you have goals around multiple areas of fitness (we just ask that you try to limit yourself to 3 different guild tags). This includes multiclassing in the Rookie guild (so you can belong to any of the guilds, AND tag yourself a rookie). 


Note: You can see full guild descriptions and examples in this thread.


A few notes on tags - 

  • Please make them singular.
  • Case doesn't matter - it will default to lowercase after you use the comma.
  • We will do our best to add the proper tag if you forget it


Submit Your Thread


How to Participate Once You've Submitted Your Thread


From here on out, it's really what is the most helpful for you. Update as much or as little as you want with how your goals are going, struggles you're facing, or - how you're kicking them right in their behinds. 


Some people find it helpful to keep a checkbox style tracker, some people like to use their threads as more of a journal.  Either way is fine - it's what's the most helpful to YOU. 


There are no "shoulds" on how to update your challenge! As long as you're working on your goals, you're doing it right! :)


For a community aspect, other people will read about and comment on your goals and your thread, too - that's part of the fun! You are not required to comment on other's threads, especially not all of them - so don't feel bad if you can't :). You can make some amazing friends here, though (I know I have!) so I recommend stopping by at least a few people's challenges and saying hi! We also have a General Chat thread where everyone, regardless of guild, can chat and share tales of their adventures during the challenge, or even request a helping hand should they need it.





1) Can I pick more than 3 goals?

You can! However, we recommend to focus on just a few - as it's easier to master one thing at a time


2) What goals should I pick?

It's really up to you! We recommend building goals off of systems that will help you achieve your goals. Here's one of the best articles on goal setting on the internet


3) Do I have to have goals in each category (workouts, nutrition, and mindset)?

Nope! Those are just the main three areas of fitness! You can work on all nutrition, all workouts, all mindset - it's really up to you!


4) Can I start early (or late)?

Sure thing! The forum goes up the week before the challenge (which some people refer to as 'zero week'), so you can start anytime you'd like!


5) Are there other elements of the challenges?

Guild Leaders will put out mini-challenges which are completely optional, but are a fun extra if you have the extra bandwidth and like group challenges!


6) What's all of this role-playing stuff I see? Is there a Role-playing Game element to the challenge?

The short answer is that there is no official RPG system that we use in our challenges.


The long answer is that many challengers create character sheets, assign themselves attribute points, and/or make a character/RPG based system for their challenges.  Every challenger who does this has their own system. 

7) What's the point of tagging our threads? 

Tagging our threads helps organize ourselves into like-minded challengers who are focused on similar exercise goals! The tags allow easier sorting using the forum software to link anyone tagged under a guild together so they can all be found by anyone wanting to organize by guild just in case you're looking for something (or someone!) specific and don't want to hunt through every single challenge on the forum. 


8 ) Didn't we used to have individual guild sub-forums to split out into guilds instead of tags? 

Yes - this is a new system we are using.  It's still new and there will be tweaks based off of feedback. We are planning on a feedback survey after everyone has had a chance to use this one - and we will use that to help make future challenges better!


9 ) Is there an easy way to form a group of people who want to focus on their challenges together? 


Absolutely! Create a thread in the Adventure Parties and PVP Challenges section

You can even look for other challengers who have similar goals as you, and create a PVP (player vs player) challenge!


10) I'm feeling a bit lost, overwhelmed, and don't know where to start.

Don't worry - you're not alone! I felt that way in my first challenge, too :) Over the years, though - I've found this to be the most welcoming and kindest community on the internet (I wouldn't have stuck around for over 10 years if it wasn't!)


Remember the rules of the rebellion - We don't care where you came from, only where you're going. You're here, which means you're one of us already.


We don't care if you've been here for 10 years or 10 minutes - everyone is equal here!


Post up your challenge - if you can't decide what goals to pick? Just pick one. Walk every day, drink a glass of water in the morning - start small and build on that. 

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