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Tobbe has Nutrition and Fitness Goals

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Tobbe has Nutrition and Fitness Goals


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I'm very cautious when it comes to food rules. Food rules were a major contributing factor to me developing an eating disorder that nearly killed me. Since I recovered from the eating disorder I've been doing Intuitive Eating. This has lead me to a point where a lot of my meals are vegan or vegetarian. And so I think I could benefit from getting some more protein in my diet. I know it's absolutely possible to get enough protein on a vegan diet. And I'm not really worried I'm not getting enough protein from a general health perspective. But I do want to run a small experiment and see what happens and how I feel if I deliberately increase my protein intake. So for this challenge I'm going to make it a goal to incorporate more protein powder in my diet. I think focusing on adding things to ones diet is a much better approach than focusing on removing things. I.e. focusing on adding more complex carbs instead of focusing on removing sugar. I wanted to make it my goal to have one scoop of protein per day, but I wanted to give myself some leeway and make it one scoop per day for five out of seven days per week. Finally I decided to be even more flexible and just make the goal to be five scoops per week. (Yes, this might mean I'm downing a double-scoop protein shake before bed Sunday night :D). The easiest option is going to be to just do regular protein powder + water shakes. But I'm going to try to mix it up a bit and find other ways to incorporate that scoop of protein. Please hit me up with your best recipes/meals/snacks that include protein powder 📖


When I properly started my Eating Disorder recovery for real, when I was fully committed to recovery, I stopped all exercise. I had abused exercise so much. "Walking 10k steps per day" is a healthy goal for most people. For me it became obsessive, and if 10 k is good, surely 20 k is twice as good, right?  Under nourishment and over exercising is a horrible combination and what my body really needed was rest. So that's what I gave it, and I completely quit all kinds of exercise. I have come a long way from that now, and have successfully been able to incorporate exercise in a fun and health promoting way in my life again. But I'm still a little careful with what kind of exercise I do and under what circumstances. A coworker started a run streak for example. And it did sound like a fun thing to do and I really wanted to join. But then I decided against it because I didn't want it to become obsessive. But one thing I've been really missing lately is getting outside. Working from home makes it all too easy to just spend all my day in my office. So, starting of small I'm going to aim for a 5 minute walk every day. To work my upper body a bit as well I'm going to try to combine the walk with 20 push-ups. Preferably I'm doing it all in the morning before breakfast.


The final piece of the fitness puzzle is recovery. Specifically I'm going to focus on sleep. On days before workdays I'm going to go to bed no later than 12 midnight.


It's super tempting to add all kinds of other goals to this challenge as well. Like stuff I have to do around the house, my e-commerce project, etc. But for this challenge I'm going to focus my goals on what this community is originally about -- fitness.


Goal summary

5 scoops of protein / week.

5 minute walk per day (outside)

20 push-ups per day

Be in bed by 12 midnight on days before workdays


I also want some kind of scoring system. And with that in mind I'm going to change my goals a little bit. So, here goes



2 pt / scoop of protein

1 pt / walk (that's at least 5 min long)

1 pt / 20 push-ups

1 pt bonus if push-ups are done right before or after the walk

4 pt for every day I'm in bed before 12


I'm giving myself until 10 the day after. If I haven't reported in by then the points don't count. This is to give me even more incentive to post more often.


I think a reasonable goal for this five-week challenge is

5 scoops of protein / week = 10 * 5 = 50 pt

7 walks / week = 7 * 5 pt = 35 pt

7 sets of push-ups = 35 pt

5 walk+push combos = 25 pt

5 early bed time days / week = 100 pt


Sum: 245 pt ~= 250 pt


Getting started week 0 means I actually have 6 weeks to collect points, so I'm making the goal 300 points!


Anything over 250 300 pt is going to be a win. And I'll make sure to get some kind of loot to reward myself with if I make it!

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Oh my goodness! I love love LOVE that pic! That is soo cool!!

I can't wait to see how win all your goals!


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“The world bursts at the seams with people ready to tell you you're not good enough. On occasion, some may be correct. But do not do their work for them. Seek any job; ask anyone out; pursue any goal. Don't take it personally when they say 'no' — they may not be smart enough to say 'yes.” - Keith Olbermann

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First day done.


My oldest son came in to the bedroom this morning to wake me up. "Can we please have breakfast soon, it's already 10:50" 10:50!? Say what?! Apparently I was in need of some extra sleep.

But I wasn't very hungry yet, so I went for a short 10 minute walk and then did 20 push-ups when I got home. And then I made breakfast. Cooked some oatmeal with eggs, apple and roasted almonds.


This evening I did my push-up challenge workout, so got an extra 40 (elevated) push-ups in. After the workout I had a protein shake. And now it's just past 11 and I'm about to go to bed.


Scores today:

2 pt for my protein shake

1 pt for my walk

3 pt for my 60 push-ups

1 pt bonus for doing the walk and 20 push-ups as a combo

4 pt for getting in bed before 12

Total: 11 points

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When I first wrote the goals for this challenge I was thinking of maybe making the bedtime goal 11 instead of 12. I'm glad I didn't as I would have failed already on day 2 😆


Got up early today and got my walk in before the sun got up. 20 pushups when I got in, and then breakfast.

Made protein powder pancakes for lunch today. With high-protein cream cheese on top, and no-sugar raspberry jam. The pancakes taste 100% artificial, and the jam is pretty bad too. Both left-overs from my dieting days. Would never buy it again. But this is a good reason to finally use it all up.


Scores today:

2 pt for my protein pancakes

1 pt for my walk

1 pt for my 20 push-ups

1 pt bonus for doing the walk and 20 push-ups as a combo

4 pt for getting in bed before 12 (I hope, I still have to shower, brush my teeth, etc)

Total: 5 points

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This doesn't go very well. It's now 1:20 am and I'm finally in bed.  The thing is that today I was putting my daughter to bed at like 8:45 and around 9 we both fell asleep. I woke up again at 10:30. So I got an hour and a half of sleep there. Which means I wasn't very tired at 12, and it also meant I lost that time that I had planned to do other things. But I did still get my workout in at least, just a little later than planned. Followed that up with a protein shake. Today, like yesterday, I got a 10 minute walk in before the sun was up followed by 20 push-ups. Unlike yesterday that wasn't the only outdoor time I got. Today I brought my daughter on a 45 minute bike ride to go pick up a package delivery (yes, that's how far out in the woods we live 🙂🌲). It was nice to get out. 


I am doing my push-up challenge workouts, and the daily dare exercise. But I'm not doing my full proper workout. I wish I was, but I still get a raging headache when I push myself too hard, so I'm going to wait a few more days before I pick that up again. 


@Chesire you inspired me to buy some chicken liver. I fried it up in a lot of butter with union, mushroom, garlic, chili flakes, kale, salt and pepper. Cooked a cup of oats in veggie stock and added some of the liver etc to it. It turned out great! Thanks for the inspiration. 




Scores today:

2 pt for my protein shake

1 pt for my walk

3 pt for my 20+4x10 push-ups

1 pt bonus for doing the walk and 20 push-ups as a combo

Total: 7 points

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On 12/29/2020 at 5:24 PM, Tobbe said:

The pancakes taste 100% artificial, and the jam is pretty bad too.

Same on the not trashing food that is technically still good even if it is unpleasant.   But this right here is the biggest reason I gave up "diet" foods and just eat the real thing. 

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12 hours ago, Chesire said:

Same on the not trashing food that is technically still good even if it is unpleasant.   But this right here is the biggest reason I gave up "diet" foods and just eat the real thing. 


Yeah, don't even get me started on zero calories pancake syrups 🤢🤮 But! It did get me to branch out on different kinds of syrups. So now I have Swedish syrup, maple syrup, coconut syrup and date syrup in the pantry. And they all have their uses


6 hours ago, Mad Hatter said:

Time to practice then. ;) Clearly it's not a great habit yadayada, but c'mon, forcing yourself to eat expired gross jam? It's not helping anyone.


I did have a couple of the pancakes with just plain raspberries. That was much better! So I think that'll be the topping of choice going forward. The jam might go down the drain, we'll see

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To no ones surprise my bedtime goal is a bust today again 😂


But I did get my walk and my push-ups in this morning. And a long extra walk with friends this evening. Had a bowl of yogurt with vanilla/pear protein powder mixed in. Topped with raspberries, apple and a lake of peanut butter (as @healthycrazycool would have said)


Scores today:

2 pt for my protein yogurt

2 pt for my walks

1 pt for my 20 push-ups

1 pt bonus for doing the walk and 20 push-ups as a combo


Total: 6 points


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