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I'm a few days late, can I still join this thing?

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Can I? If so I can get started typing up my goals etcetera.

Goal Numbar One: Get my lift numbers back to where they were before I made the transition to the ketogenic diet. Bonus: Improve on old lift numbers.

Target: bench ~260, squat ~430, deadlift ~400.

Goal Numbar Two: Successfully regain the flexibility and agility I had of my teenage years.

Target: head to knees on hamstring stretch, knees to ground on butterfly stretch, split angle of >135 degrees, and the ability to link my hands behind my shoulder blades again.

Goal Numbar Three (the non-physical goal): Secret! I'll poast about it if I succeed.

(I probably shouldn't do this but I'm in a playful mood as such, I'm in your posts making your life easier - Dantes)

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Darn right you can! Based on your goals, I think you'll find a home with the Warrior team - they're all all about the heavy lifting. As well as stating your goals here, post an intro there, and learn your teammates' names so you can cheer them on as they cheer you on.

Welcome to the boards!

"Let another say. 'Perhaps the worst will not happen.' You yourself must say. 'Well, what if it does happen? Let us see who wins!' ".

- Seneca, 63 AD

"There is no better way to fight weakness than with strength." - Henry Rollins

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