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Hi nerds!!


Dog Flirting GIF


(That's a corgi and not a fox, but just like me, it's waving at you)


I'm returning to NF after being away for a few months. This year has been very tiresome, but overall, I'm happy.  I have attended therapy this year and I feel like I've made a lot of personal progress, I have studied for my second master's thesis, and I have secured a job at my local library where I get to work with our website and other IT systems. The work is interesting, my team is wonderful, and I get to work remotely 80% of the time. So, at the end of the year, I'm happy to say that things have turned out pretty well!


It's just that during my Christmas break, I binged the both seasons of The Mandalorian and realized that I need someone to nerd out about it with :D Then I remembered that NF has been a place filled with very friendly nerds, so... here I am!


Confused Star Wars GIF by Disney+


As for my goals... I'm taking this as a respawn challenge, where I figure out my exact goals for long term. I am pretty happy with where I am, but I am currently pretty excited about design thinking - I want to find out, what I need, and design my everyday life so that I am as happy and satisfied as possible. Instead of starting by looking at outside resources, I start with analyzing myself and my needs, and then figure out exactly what to do. I'm also going to corporate some systems thinking to figure out, for example, how to organize my laundry in a way that minimizes the times I need to do my laundry during the week :D And how many times I need to meal prep, order food online (I barely go to the store anymore haha), exercise, do house cleaning... You get the idea.


I'm going to do this in order to make changes that will last for long, and make it as easy and natural for myself as possible. I don't believe that self-criticism can take me far anymore, because so far it has failed every time. I want to support myself and make positive changes. This also includes practicing intuitive eating, getting enough sleep and taking care of my dental health, among other things.


Welcome aboard, if you're interested! I will be writing about my thought processes a lot, and figuring out goals as I go. New Year, here we come!


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8 minutes ago, Snarkyfishguts said:

I AM SO EXCITED TO SEEEEEE YOU! I am really happy that you are happy! I havent wayched this season of the mandalorian yet BUT I TOTALLY AM GOING TO, so i will be happy to geek out over it with you at that time. 💚💚💚


I read Timothy Olyphant is in it with all his leggy, swaggering  glory, and I am excited!




AND I'VE MISSED YOUR ENTHUSIASM SO MUCH!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Yess watch the Mandalorian soon, pls. The episode with Timothy Oliphant was epic 😮 But yeah, the series just woke up the sleeping sci-fi nerd inside me. I've even drawn fanart! And I was also really excited, when season two introduced Katee Sackhoff from Battlestar Galactica, and even MICHAEL BIEHN was there for a short role!! I almost missed him, but then recognized him. He played Kyle Reese in the original Terminator. I fangirled there, for sure...

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Welcome back Ensi!!  <4

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4 minutes ago, Shello said:

Welcome back Ensi!!  <4


Thank you!! It's exciting to be back 🥰




Today's the second day at work after Christmas break, and it's kinda quiet. I work remotely from home, and I'm taking it easy. I've been really tired this fall, because I've basically worked two jobs in my team, but things should get easier next month. I got a permanent job in the team, which feels really great - no job hunting for a while! 😎


Working remotely has had its challenges, and I've done my best to remain active during work days. Mom and I have started to exercise together a couple of times a week: we facetime each other and  work out! I got in a 40-minute workout during my lunch break today. It feels very easy to exercise together with someone 😊 I would also like to be able to work standing up, so I bought myself an adjustable  desk from Ikea. It will be delivered to me on Thursday, can't wait to test it out!


In addition to thinking about my goals, I will also be doing mental lifting, as usual. Yesterday marked a significant step towards having a better relationship with food: I've had history of disordered eating and I still struggle with my relationship with food. The core reason that it's hard for me to have a relaxed relationship with food is that I'm afraid of gaining weight. And I'm afraid of gaining weight, because at some point I've been told that my body is wrong for being overweight. Now, after therapy and learning to appreciate myself more, I realized that I don't need to believe anyone, who tells me that there's something wrong with my body. It's just someone else's opinion, and I can have my own. The reality is that I have friends, family, and a secure job where I'm appreciated. Even if I'm a bit  chubby, I am respected and wanted. This realization has made me think a lot less about food, and I feel more relaxed. I do want to lose some weight to feel better, and I allow myself to want that, but my body is still no one else's business than mine. I can do this at my own pace and my own way 👍 


It's almost 11 p.m. here, time to go to bed. Good night, everyone!

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Hello! It's lovely to see you again! :) 

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20 hours ago, TheGreyJedi-Ranger said:

Hello! It's lovely to see you again! :) 


Really lovely to see you, too!! I was feeling a bit nervous coming back here after a long pause, but I'm happy to see that there are still many friends around! :)


18 hours ago, TrashcanCarla said:

I have so enjoyed The Mandalorian! Following.


YES. Welcome!!


Baby Yoda The Mandalorian GIF - BabyYoda TheMandalorian ReachingOut -  Discover & Share GIFs | Star wars fandom, Yoda wallpaper, Star wars art


I saw a video today, where the creators (Jon Favreau and others) explained that they watched old westerns and samurai movies to gather inspiration, because that's what originally inspired George Lucas. A wonderful move, I've enjoyed the tone of the show immensely - the first episode seems pretty dark in tone, but it changes into a  good, old fashioned adventure series.  I'm already rewatching it 😁


2 hours ago, DarK_RaideR said:

Aaaaaaaaaa Ensi is back!



/Screams at being tackled

Hi there!! Wonderful to have you here!! 🤪😂


1 hour ago, Captainfantastic said:

Welcome back! Excited to be following along! Interested in the laundry part because goodness i'm awful at laundry

homer simpson laundry GIF


Hi, Cap!! Great to have you here :D I've actually been planning out the laundry part! I listed out all the categories of laundry I have (note: I'm living alone, so I only have my own laundry to worry about):


- everyday clothes

- sportswear

- underwear

- bedding

- kitchen towels

- bath towels


I'm thinking that I could divide these into three groups: 1) everyday clothes  & sportswear,  2) underwear & bedding and  3) kitchen towels & bath towels.  The  laundry in each group can be washed at the same time, so I'm thinking of having three different laundry baskets. I am using the shared laundry that my building has, and the laundry has two machines I can use.  So, that's three baskets and two machines. I could take a day, where I handle group 1, and then another day where I handle groups 2 and 3. This way, I would have to do laundry only twice a week.  Sure, I could have one day where I do an enourmous amount of laundry, but ehh... I have to go to the basement where the laundry is (exhausting lol), and it would take a very long time to wait until I could use the two machines again after the first round (90 minutes). I think this strategy is solid for me :) 




It's been a good day! We're migrating a couple of Wordpress sites to our own servers, and I've learned a lot from my colleague during the process. It's also pretty calm at work, since most of our team is still on Christmas break (I spent mine before Christmas). I've had time to write my report for studies during work, as well -  I spent a few months improving our website's accessibility, and I'm writing a report of it for my studies. I'm allowed to write it during work time, so I'm definitely taking the chance to make two things at once. I went for a walk after work, and now I'm just chilling at home. I'll probably play some PS (still playing Red Dead Redemption 2...) and study a bit before bedtime.


I can't wait to receive my adjustable desk tomorrow!  I'll let you all know, what it's like :D We have adjustable desks at work, and I really enjoy the possibility of standing up every now and then.


Have a great day! :)

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Happy New Year, everyone!! 😎🎆  The library is closed tomorrow, so I have a three-day weekend coming up. I received the adjustable table today and put it together! I am typing this text standing up :D I folded an old yoga mat a couple of times, and it works as a soft platform for me to stand on. I'm now very happy with my apartment,  so I'd say that my batcave is ready to support me through 2021!


I've been thinking of a few goals for 2021. Here's a sketch:


Personal Goals


- keep  attending therapy until next autumn, at least. And keep putting in the work myself: figure out what it is that I really want in life, and find ways to remove the obstacles between myself and the things I want.

- practice intuitive eating. I am attending an online course on intuitive eating. The course lasts six months, during which I hope to improve my relationship with food and learn to listen to my body. The instructor is an actual nutritionist with years of experience, and I have read some books of his. I trust the things he teaches, and I'm happy to get some extra support to learn to apply everything to my everyday life!

- invest in friendships and other relationships. I enjoy being on my own, but this year has taught me the value of company :D I want to find out, what kind of social interactions are good for me, and maybe find a Great Guy (TM) who I can smooch with. Haha


Professional goals


- finish my second master's degree (interaction design)

- create a UX/UI portfolio to apply for design jobs

- become skilled with Wordpress (I have to be the admin of our three WP websites next year)

- learn skills that help me balance my workload and feel happy at work


Fitness Goals


- keep up a workout routine. Find out, what kinds of exercises I enjoy the most, and keep active.

- walking 30 minutes every day. This is the bare minimum.

- Come up with three different places near my town and bike to each one. This is a summer-time challenge - I bought a new bicycle earlier this autumn, and I'm really enjoying riding it!

... more to follow?


Financial Goals


- make a plan to save money for my own apartment. In Finland, we have this ASP savings account that's meant for people buying their first home. In short, it's a really great deal! For those interested, you can find out more information here.

- put money on my other savings account from every salary and keep investing monthly (precise amounts TBA)

- learn to make all my favourite takeaway meals at home to save money



I think that's enough big things for one year :D The Next step is to divide them into small parts, and get going. I'll do that next year...


Happy New Year, Nerds! See you next year 😍

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So, I completed Darebee's Jacked workout on Friday, and I've had massive DOMS on my thighs and buttocks for the weekend 😁 I've taken walks and stretched lightly, and I'm slowly getting back to business. I hope that I can try out that workout again next week, but maybe take it a bit slower and let my legs get used to lunges again.


While sitting on my tender butt, I've done some mental lifting. I already said something about system thinking in my first post, but I've come across some resources that discuss the systems vs. goals more. For example, this article: https://jamesclear.com/goals-systems


This is also related to "creating healthy habits", but maybe my nerd brain understood the idea of habits better, when it's presented as "systems" :D I'm also reading Tanya Dalton's book The Joy of Missing Out, which has helped me think about what's essential for me and how I'd like to spend my days. The biggest realization so far is that I want to choose myself. I've somehow haven't valued my own time and self-care a lot  in a long time, but I'm now gonna choose to spend time taking care of my mental and physical health more. Maybe I've tried to care less, because it's felt so exhausting to take care of myself AND everything that's work and study related. But I know that I'll have a lot more energy to deal with work and my studies, if I take care of myself and my needs.


Today, I cooked a meal at home (chicken with owen roasted veggies and rice), and it felt good to take care of myself that way. Now I also have a healthy lunch for tomorrow :) I went for a walk, and now I'm gonna study a bit for my exam tomorrow! It's about the basics of artificial intelligence, which is pretty interesting. Not sure if I've attained enough of the material to do well in the exam, but I'm happy to just pass it at this point.


Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!

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On 1/5/2021 at 10:27 PM, Captainfantastic said:

gosh that food sounds super good holy shit


Haha thanks!! It was really good :D


On 1/7/2021 at 12:21 PM, Lara said:

Here to read about thought processes!


I'll find sometime to read the whole thread later.

Welcome back!! harry potter loki GIF


LARA!!! I've missed your energy so much!! How have you been?? (Also bonus points for that nostalgic Loki gif)

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I've been MIA due to work related stress, but I've figured it out :) Still very much looking into creating systems and learning to appreciate the day-to-day actions instead of having huge goals that I have to reach.  One small step is that I've started to follow Yoga With Adriene's new yoga journey called Breath! I just completed day 5 and I'm already starting to feel a difference in how my body feels. I'm taking it easy and trusting that a small daily practice will take me farther than a few intense workouts and then quitting.


It's been snowing here, finally, so I've also been able to test out my new Icebug running shoes. They have a really great grip, and it's easy to run even on slippery snow and ice. Biking has been my cardio until now, but I prefer not to bike when it's so slippery outside...! I do enjoy running, but I don't have any goals. Just going outside and running as much as I feel like is good enough.


I'll do my best to be more active here from now on :D Have a great day, everyone!

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6 hours ago, Ensi said:

  One small step is that I've started to follow Yoga With Adriene's new yoga journey called Breath! I just completed day 5 and I'm already starting to feel a difference in how my body feels. I'm taking it easy and trusting that a small daily practice will take me farther than a few intense workouts and then quitting.

Massive thanks for mentioning this, looks like exactly what I'd benefit from right now. Glad to hear that it's making a difference to you!

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23 hours ago, Lara said:
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IMG_20201207_191719.jpg.74b7c48f60c0de0666bef811c3e79421.jpgTaming this little monkey 🤩



Oh my gosh!! Where did you steal it from??


I mean, congrats, Lara!! So happy for you 🥰 Such a cutie!


23 hours ago, Lara said:
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IMG_20201207_191719.jpg.74b7c48f60c0de0666bef811c3e79421.jpgTaming this little monkey 🤩


Small daily practice with no goals. I love that. Nothing like simple habits and focusing on the process 👍🏼


Let's put it like this: the goals are the "compass", and the daily practice takes me to the direction where the compass is pointing. It's like that Pirates of the Caribbean compass!!


jack sparrow compass GIF


But there's no destination to reach, only a direction that suits me. I'm definitely still figuring out the  course I want to take. But no rush, I sail on until I figure it out :)


17 hours ago, Defining said:

Massive thanks for mentioning this, looks like exactly what I'd benefit from right now. Glad to hear that it's making a difference to you!


Ohh I definitely recommend it! I just completed day six, and I have such low energy levels today that it was challenging :D But I've already reached the state where I'm actually lookin forward to my daily yoga practice. I love the possibility to quiet down and spend some time taking care of myself. I also have a weekly habit to exercise with my mom via FaceTime, and I noticed that I was able to perform a couple of exercises easier than before. Yoga is really good for my body 👍


12 hours ago, Captainfantastic said:

I'm glad you've figured out the work stressors! 

also it's so good to find something you can be successfull in every day, i love that!

Getting outside and getting your heartrate up is awesome! 

You're rocking this


Thanks, CapFantastic!!  I'm definitely still figuring out what my needs are, exactly, but once I have a better understanding, I can create better daily practices :) You rock, as well!!


3 minutes ago, TrashcanCarla said:

No worries about being away for a bit. Just keep focusing on managing that stress!


Thanks! I actually had a discussion with my supervisor, and I now have less work to do. I was basically working two jobs, but now my tasks were pruned down 👌  Feeling a lot better already!

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When I bought the adjustable desk, I was hoping to stand up more during my remote work days. Wasn't sure if it would work, though, but this morning I suddenly realized that after these couple of weeks, I had spent 90 minutes standing non-stop without even thinking about it! 90 minutes is a bit excessive (standing up 60 minutes and sitting down 60 minutes is a good way to go), but I'm getting used to working while standing up. Was happy to sit down for a while afterwards, though :D


As I said in the message above, I'm still figuring out what I want, exactly. I have a new coworker, who has a very laid back and worry-free attitude towards work, and I'm really happy to have him working with me. I'm hoping to catch some of that zen  :D When asked, if he had liked working in our team so far, he said "sure, it's nice to have something to do during the days!" (Not in a disrespectful tone - he gets stuff done and is capable, so it was just a very worry-free way of putting things.) So, I'm thinking that I want to learn to take work less seriously to avoid being too stressed out. I talked with my coworker about this, and she said that I was hired because I'm capable enough, and she told me that I've lifted the team's spirit up a lot since I joined. They had some issues in the team just before I came aboard, and they were working the issues out when I started working. I guess someone from the outside was a good addition for them, when they were solving out their issues 😅


Time to study a bit. Have a lovely day, everyone! :)

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On 1/13/2021 at 10:34 PM, Lara said:

Shhhhh, I've been saying she's mine... 🤫


I won't tell anyone 😉


On 1/15/2021 at 6:19 PM, Teros said:

Preach GIFs | Tenor


Snoop Dogg Yes GIF


It's a difficult process (for some, at least) to gain ownership of one's body, when you've been told that there's something wrong with the way you look. But it's something that I'm sure can be learned, and the harmful ideas can be unlearned.


Also, hi Teros! :D

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