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Reading Challenges 2021

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I'm so far behind... I set a GoodReads goal of 15 and I only have 4?

Physical books aren't a thing for me right now (no free hands with baby girl) but I've listened to some audio books via Libby. I actually just finished The Blood of Elves in the Witcher series in preparation for Season 2 of the Netflix series.


I'm super behind because Critical Role has been taking up all my listening time. 😅

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"Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good." - Voltaire


EPIC Quest

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My beloved library branch is unexpectedly closed today, due to "several" employees testing positive. They are refusing to give out names, obviously, but shared the days and hours when the people in question were on shift, with a warning that if you were in the library during those hours you may have been exposed. (I was not, so there's my silver lining.) The library district has reinstated a firm mask requirement for everyone regardless of vaccine status, and wants us to use their curbside pickup service again.


A reminder to us all to not become complacent and think we're safe yet, and to wear a mask. :( 

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Book Riot Challenge 2021

“I've always believed that failure is non-existent. What is failure? You go to the end of the season, then you lose the Super Bowl. Is that failing? To most people, maybe. But when you're picking apart why you failed, and now you're learning from that, then is that really failing? I don't think so." - Kobe Bryant, 1978-2020. Rest in peace, great warrior.

Personal Challenges, a.k.a.The Saga of Scaly Freak: Tutorial; Ch 1; Ch 2; Ch 3; Ch 4; Ch 5; Ch 6; Intermission; Intermission II; Ch 7; Ch 8; Ch 9; Ch 10; Ch 11; Ch 12 ; Ch 13; Ch 14Ch 15; Ch 16; Ch 17; Intermission IIICh 18; Ch 19; Ch 20; Ch 21; Ch 22; Ch 23; Ch 24; Ch 25; Intermission IV; Ch 26; Ch 27; Ch 28; Ch 29; Ch 30; Ch 31; Ch 32

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