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Hangrybear has awoken from hibernation | fresh spawn

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Hello together!

Very excited to be a new part of this community. 

You seem like a nice collective of people honest about their daily struggles.

Whereas my prior fitness boards have been limited to the physical, I feel like the mental

side of training has more exposure and importance here.


My history in weight loss goes back 10 years,

my history in training 4.5 years.


I've come down from 147kg@48% Bodyfat to 98kg@18% in these years but am nowhere near done yet.


Some basic stats:

  • Male
  • 29yrs old
  • 180cm tall
  • 98kg@18%
  • weight-training 4-5x a week 
  • also love bouldering, biking

Everyday life/Nerd culture:

  • Work from home as a consultant in IT 45-50hrs/week
  • Into Boardgames, especially cooperative ones, and ones with nice tactile feedback
  • been an avid gamer but branching into other hobbies more and more after spending 2000 hours in WoW Classic.
  • Enjoy painting miniatures when the creative muse blesses me
  • The lockdown has erased around 8 of my 10 prior hobbies


  • Trying to eat mostly mediterranean vegetables, fiber-rich carb sources and low-fat meat
  • Maintenance calories without training is around 3200kcal a day and 3600kcal with training
  • Trying to eat around 1.8g of protein per kg of target-bodyweight
  • Fat and Carb ratios are flexible
  • During lockdown a significant amount of calories has come from alcohol


  • Have always had binge-eating disorder, maxing out at 7000kcal a day
  • Some mental struggles due to loneliness after a breakup during lockdown



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