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Are Caffeine free diet drinks okay?


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I used to drink a lot of pepsi Max every day but decided to migrate to a caffeine free version to aid my anxiety. As far as I see it, if it's sugar free, caffeine free and helps to curb my craving for something sweet, it can't be all bad. Am I wrong? Some people seem very against anything with artificial sweetners so I was wondering what the general consensus was here.

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There is generally a lot of free-floating anxiety in health and wellness communities about anything “artificial”, and particularly artificial sweeteners. Partly, it’s because most artificial sweeteners have been accused, at one time or another, of everything from secretly increasing the eater’s appetite to causing cancer. The 30-year-old studies that first alarmed people are still out there available to read (as they should be), and so there will always be a few people who doubt them. Luckily, every sweetener that can legally be used commercially in most countries has been shown to be safe.


Just because they’re safe doesn’t mean everyone reacts to them quite the same, though. Sugar alcohols such as xylitol, for example, tend to have a mild laxative effect if you ingest them in large quantity... and occasionally you run into someone who is affected, uhh, more strongly. Those folks are in a small minority, though.


Takeaway: any sugar substitute you are likely to get your hands on in soda is perfectly safe to experiment with and see how it works for you.

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On the topic of laxative effects: it's stronger if paired with stimulants, harsh foods, or too much fiber. 


Found that one out the hard way making a sugar free mocha cheesecake for a relative's birthday (he can't have sweets because of T2 diabetes but I wanted to give him a treat.... Yeah. He enjoyed the cake at least.)

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