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Blaze the Bounty Hunter: This is the Way - Part II

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This is the Way - Building Habits for Wellness


My Kaizen technique of making gradual changes over time seemed to work well for my first challenge of 2021, so I'm trying it in Part II.  There are three areas I want to focus on.  5 points per week that I'm successful in each goal, plus opportunities to earn additional points each week with 'bonus' wellness tasks.



  I need to get back to an earlier bedtime, so I get a decent amount of sleep each night.  Adequate rest is essential for health, wellness, and weight loss.  Over the next 5 weeks I will gradually increase the number of days per week that I need to hit my goal of being in bed, lights out, and no devices, by 11:00 pm.

Week 1 - 2 nights

Week 2 - 3 nights

Week 3 - 4 nights

Week 4 - 5 nights

Week 5 - 6 nights




I've been trying to find a program to gradually increase intensity, or create my own program - too complicated.  To keep it simple I found a series of DVDs I had received as part of an old weight loss program I had joined through work.  The DVDs are good though.  They have 5 DVDs covering 5 levels of strength.  I don't intend to do one each week, but I hope to make progress at least through the first two, and then we'll see how I've progressed by Week 5.

Week 1 - #1 x 2 days

Week 2 - #2 x 3 days

Week 3 - #2 x 2 days

Week 4- #2 x 3 days

Week 5 - #2 or #3 x 3 days





I'm still figuring out exactly WHAT my diet should look like, but I do know that tracking will be important if I want to get moving in the right direction with my weight.  So this one is all about tracking everything I eat.

Week 1 - Track 2 days

Week 2 - Track 3 days

Week 3 - Track 4 days

Week 4 - Track 5 days

Week 5 - Track 6 days




This time it's all about self-care  - Sleep and eating better and exercise are already in the plan..  Along with these, I can earn bonus points for journaling, reading, decluttering, taking a bath.  I may even attempt meditation. 



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Blaze the Bounty Hunter


“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”   Vincent Van Gogh

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On 2/23/2021 at 6:59 AM, Chesire said:

That is one heck of a well thought out plan.  How's it going?

It started off well enough - I did everything for the first two weeks as scheduled, but I went off the rails in week 3.  





I've been reconsidering what my approach should be here in Week 5.  I've always done well with the 'bounty hunter' approach.  So here's how I'm tracking going forward.  For each item I do each day, I earn a point.  Points translate into money which I can accumulate and spend on frivolous things like BOOKS and DVDs and FUNCO POP figures and whatever else I want but shouldn't just buy.



Food Window

- No food before 10 am

- No food after 8 pm

Beverages are okay if they are under 100 calories.


Healthy Habits

- Eat at least one fruit and one vegetable

- Drink at least 8 glasses of water


Early to Bed / Early to Rise

- Lights out and in bed by 11 pm

- Out of bed by 7 am


Bonus Bounties

- Read and meditate on God's word

- Journaling

- Clean/sort/organize for 15 minutes

- Spend an extra hour on work stuff (2 points)

- Weekly - 1 point for each tenth of a pound lost


I've used a whiteboard I have at home to create a short of chart so I can track this for this final week.  Hoping to finish out strong and carry this plan over into the next challenge.


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Blaze the Bounty Hunter


“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”   Vincent Van Gogh

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First day went very well.  I actually accomplished all bounties except waking up at 7am, which for the time being still feels like 6am.  I didn't make that bounty today either, and while I don't expect to hit every bounty every day, having the chart helps me see what I can shoot for, and knowing it's adding up to spending money on fun stuff is a big motivator. 


Maybe what I should buy first is one of these....


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Blaze the Bounty Hunter


“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”   Vincent Van Gogh

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