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Faith, Family & Firearms


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I openly admit I got my title from a YT group whose Bible teachings I'm currently watching. Changed it a little bit, so as not to infringe on their name/title/rights... but this is what my challenge currently in real life comes down to: the good, the nice, the fun.

Also... Rocco (my youngest son) is stuck on silly alliteration rhymes (eg. Peter Piper picked a pack of pickled peppers...) and I guess it rubbed off :D




Life threw us all kinds of loops this last two weeks, so I have to change my exercise schedule a bit. Still going to do my strength from last challenge, still going to try to walk (now with the boys), and still going to try to make time to play with Zuzu (better idea to get him to loose weight).


Why we do God Family and Guns - YouTube



Strength - Wednesdays:

  • Warmup:
    • Jumping Jacks 30x
    • Squat-Up-KneeXElbow touch 10x each side
    • Walkout2HighPlank 3x
  • Superset 1: do at least 2 sets, try for 3
    • Deadlift 10x30kg
    • Dumbbell rows 10x5.25kg (both sides together)
    • Jumping jacks 20x
  • Superset 2: do at least 2 sets, try for 3
    • Bridge form - chest press 10x20kg
    • Bicycle crunch 20x
  • Finish off - Cool down:
    • One legged deadlift 10x 5.25kg each leg
    • Stretches

Walking around the block - Mondays / Tuesdays / Fridays:

  • Literally take the boys to walk around the block in between school work - once a day. Hopefully we'll get more than one day a week in, but aiming to start with at least once a week.



Play with Zuzu - any day for at least 15min.:

Zuzu is our sterilised Sausage X Big dog (vet thinks a Labrador), who is very muscular, but also overweight. I've been struggling to get him to loose weight via food changes, hoping that him playing with the other dogs, and the boys, would help, but alas... I'm also going to use this to get myself outside a bit more. He used to walk on a leash, but got such a fright when we took him walking shortly after adoption (two years ago), that I never tried again. Now he hates the leash. Spoke to the vet and she said to rather get him playing more in the garden with the other dogs and/or the boys, for now.


Faith & Family:

  • Bible study - listen every weekday morning (and some weekend days) to Bible lessons on YT.
  • Washing/Laundry - wash and hang clothes to dry (dryer packed up) - iron if necessary.
  • Finances - still getting into the routine of doing finances on new spreadsheets every Friday. Seems to be working, as I'm actually looking forward to it (I know! GASP! SHOCKING!)





Between a lot of soft rain (no walking), us catching up on school work, and then having two days off (from school work, not the rest), the tumble dryer packing up, buying a generator to have electricity during blackouts, and a lot of small things heaping up, the previous two weeks were hectic.


I did manage to find a trustworthy lady who will help me in the house (cleaning) once a week. She started last week, temporary for the first month, but I am carefully optimistic. It will take a huge load off my shoulders.


My tumble dryer of 25yrs finally gave in the ghost - the repair shop collected it on Friday, but I'll phone them today to find out what they have to say. Last time they said the parts would have to be ordered from Germany and it would cost more than buying a new local brand with a good reputation. Brandt and I discussed it over the weekend, and (after remembering the washing machine drama with his mom) he immediately said that he thought we should buy a new one and get it over with. So... watch this space.


Due to some incidents in and around town, (actually country wide), Brandt is now very set on upping our firearms preparation - also because we've accepted that we'll most likely not be able to emigrate. The country's single source of powder (for making bullets) exploded and burned down two years ago. They only just got operational again middle last year, but still aren't making any powder for 9mm. All our country's 9mm and shotgun powder is currently being imported, mostly from America. He loaded some ammunition, but we couldn't find a slot to go shooting/testing this past weekend. Seems a lot of people had the same idea. We'll try to find time this week during the day (shooting ranges are closed at night, and country still has a curfew running).

The other news in this regard is that I saw my heart's delight firearm at the shop where I bought the powder! We were told a couple years ago that this particular brand (Grandpower) won't be imported into South Africa anymore, due to the government corruption. But it seems this shop does have two of the Grandpower P1, and selling at a great price! Brandt has the bigger brother, of which the only difference (they say) is that the barrel is longer. So the P1 would be a little bit better for on-body concealment, and fit better in my handbag. The grip is a little narrower, and shaped a little differently than the CZ 75B I currently have, so it is more comfortable and easier for me to handle. The P1 is supposedly exactly the same in that regard as the K100 which B has, which I've handled, but I still want to shoot some practice rounds with it (hint the excuse for shooting with B's gun :D ).


Otherwise, some doctors' visits to check on things  - definitely have a problem on a tooth. School starting again for us today, financial tax year end this month too, as well as a lot of other changes finances wise which I have to keep my finger on. So my head's spinning a bit with everything going on, trying to keep everything straight at the moment.


Oh and last thing: I have another author who I'm reading ARC's for and doing proof reading. Brandt and I discussed it, as I was thinking last year to start a business and get money in, but that would put even more stress on me. So he suggested that I continue to do proofreading and ARC's for fun. That way I'm getting books for free, which I would have had to buy otherwise, so it is a kind of 'bonus', and we don't need the money. I had the idea that I needed some financial independence, but the way he is setting up all our finances, I have equal say/right/access, and in some cases more than he does. So I'm just going with things as is, at the moment.



That's my intro to this challenge, hope to chat again soon. Have a good week.

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Zechariah 4:6

"Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit, saith the Lord."

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Ammo is hard to find in the US too. With all the unrest last year there were quite literally millions of new gunowners, so you have even more people buying ammo than before. The ammo plants are all working hard, there's just more demand now.



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Current Challenge

"By the Most-Righteous-and-Blessed Beard of Sir Tanktimus the Encourager!" - Jarl Rurik Harrgath

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On 2/15/2021 at 3:31 PM, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

Ammo is hard to find in the US too. With all the unrest last year there were quite literally millions of new gunowners, so you have even more people buying ammo than before. The ammo plants are all working hard, there's just more demand now.



Yikes! I can believe the millions of new gun owners, but never would have thought you'd have a hard time with powder/ammo too. Brandt and I went shooting Monday afternoon, and the owner of the range told us that he is fully booked up for the rest of the month, to train and certify new gun owners. We didn't know it was that busy here too, with all the trouble we've been having from government's side. Same as you, I guess. There are also more gun shops opening up.

On 2/15/2021 at 5:07 PM, annyshay said:

Hi Elise! Here for you!

Hi Shannon. So lovely to see you here. 👋 ❤️

17 hours ago, Elastigirl said:


Hallo EG! Hugs and thanks for that invite. I haven't read through it properly yet, but will soon. ❤️



Exercises: None :(

Fun: Some time spent with Zuzu

Faith & Family: Some bible study early morning; laundry done (small bundles are more manageable at the moment); and all the finances. So much finances and things I had to arrange...


These two days (Monday and Tuesday) were absolutely hectic. It took me close to 6-7hours of holding on, on the phone with our internet provider (on and off over roughly a week of days), +- R150 in airtime (cellphone time, not data), some more money spent on data holding on and finally getting help from said ISP there, before they sorted out our new ISP product. They said one thing, did another, and then all this ^^^ hassle and trouble to get them to keep to the actual product we've signed up for. Anyway that is sorted now, and although I was very, VERY frustrated, irritated and sometimes just plain angry with them, I did not once loose my patience. I couldn't just drop it, they would have ripped us for over a R1400 in the next two months! And their mistakes cost us in other fees (with the voice line company), among others. Their customer service is really bad - you just can't get a hold of anyone, except over Whatsapp, but their technical service is top-notch. You just have to get things signed up correctly, then all is usually set and smooth sailing. Just get past the initial set up... We've been with them for years, and Brandt didn't want to change at the moment, but after all the trouble I've had, he said when we have to sign up for fibre, we'll definitely switch. I might have 'threatened' to let him have "all the fun" signing up for fibre with this company. *whistling innocently, looking everywhere but here*


Brandt and I went shooting at a local indoor range yesterday afternoon. Took around an hour and a half to finish off 200 rounds each. I had great fun, and again managed to save Princess Leia. Took out the Storm Trooper with my last 12 bullets at about 7m (yards). Yeah... I got some incredulous stares from Brandt and the range owner when I put this target up near the end of the shoot. :D Also enjoyed trying out Brandt's firearm. It is much lighter than my own, and I struggled a bit to adjust with grip, trigger, how tight to hold it, aim (the sight picture is different than my own)... but that is actually to be expected. I'll have to think hard whether I want to sell and change, or not. By the way... this shooting outing was our valentine's date. We both loved it, and had a great time.



Brandt also found a pressure valve that seems to have been leaking for a while, and I had the plumber over today. Fixed! Now we know why the pump kept switching on.

I also arranged for the gas people to come tomorrow to move our one gas water geyser to a better position. Might take a couple days.

I also had the broken tumble dryer removed (Friday), spoke to the people w.r.t. the quote - not accepting, as we are rather looking at replacing with a new machine. The lady offered to keep the old machine to get rid of it for us - no charge.

Also had an appointment with the dentist this afternoon for what I thought was a hole, but turned out to be nerve pain in one tooth, referring to another tooth; a misshapen (??? don't ask me how) filling on the latter tooth, and finally the dentist found the leaking filling on the first tooth. I have one new filling, one temporary filling (it is very close to the nerve; she wanted to give it time to calm down before putting a permanent filling in), and two more appointments - one for the boys and myself for cleaning (next week), and another in six weeks just for me for the permanent filling. Brandt doesn't want to go to the dentist at this time.


And the cleaning lady came again today. She said she is very happy to work for us, and again did a great job. She is friendly with the kids and the pets, and remembered everything I told her last week!

I also proof read a book over the weekend (did I mention this?), and received another yesterday to proof read this week. School work is up to date, finances are up to date, and I'm exhausted!


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Zechariah 4:6

"Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit, saith the Lord."

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Hi guys, sorry again for not getting to the posts here. Last night was back to hospital again with Brandt. Again a UTI. He only got home around 2am this morning. I was also so busy with the other things I had to arrange during the day, the tumble dryer was delivered (haven't even washed, or dried clothes yet), homeschool work, you know the usual other stuff, that I didn't get to anything else. I collapsed on the bed and we slept till nearly 8am this morning. Then it was school, go buy him more meds, etc. etc. Now its 3pm and I'm falling asleep in front of my computer. Just wanted to let you guys know why I'm not looking in on you at the moment.

I'll get there at some point.

Love you lots.


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Mrs. Van's Latest Challenge



Zechariah 4:6

"Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit, saith the Lord."

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Brandt went to see the Urologist today (again). He wants B in the hospital yesterday, meaning asap, but it will be for a minimum of 8 days: 2 days on strong (intravenous?) antibiotics, then a CT scan on day 3, then the op (clean and scrape prostrate), then another 3-4 days in hospital after the operation. Brandt said he won't go this or next week, he has to think about it and sort things out first. He doesn't want to take days off, because no work no pay. I told him if it needs doing, it needs doing. He was prepared to withdraw money from long term savings for fixing/installing things here at home. We can wait with that till later, and he can use that money instead to cover him while he gets his health sorted. I got a very frosty look as answer, so I retreated. I know this is a rather sensitive issue, in more ways than one.

I'll try to pop in to keep you posted, but got my head and hands a bit full at the moment.

Please pray for Brandt. Thanks for being here for us.

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Zechariah 4:6

"Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit, saith the Lord."

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On 2/22/2021 at 6:45 PM, Elastigirl said:

Praying for  you all.

Thank you EG. ❤️


It's been a bit rough to say the least. I feel as if we are being tested on so many things emotionally and physically, but it is slowly getting better. The one machine after the other broke or gave in. We've had numerous power outages, ag you know, the usual unexpected things that happen in this thing called life. Then Brandt...


Brandt has come to a point where he accepts that he has to go to hospital for an operation. Enlarged prostate which isn't shrinking back with medication. He's had a couple infections now that had him in hospital through most of the night; he's been on very, very strong anti-biotics (3-4 courses in all). He finally told me last night that he'd contacted the doctor's rooms and will speak to the doctor next week about how else this whole procedure can go down, without him having to take so much time off. The one thing he is not budging on is that he won't take 6-8 days off from work. I can sort of understand that, because no work no pay applies to our situation, but I feel if we can use savings to fix things, then we can use savings to bolster his income. But he is adamant. So... in the meantime I find myself having to arrange all kinds of things to be fixed and in ship-shape order. Ok granted, machines (washer, dryer, etc.) had to be fixed or replaced, but B asked me to have the gas geysers checked, serviced; leaking valve fixed (ok, also had to be done); all of a sudden other small things he had been putting off (extra filter in our water system) had to be fixed now, looked at now (replace my firearm, score up on shooting, we talked a lot about more security, other things), now we change ISPs, check banking access, ... (insert it, and I think we've discussed it). February has been a very, very rough month. I'm being totally honest and open here: the idea I got is that Brandt wanted to prepare for if the worst happens (he dies under operation), even though the doctor says there are no such fears from his side. So I'm going with it to some extend.


March! Starting off a bit calmer, but a lot of things still has to happen. Anyway... the boys and I are trying to get back on track and I'm happy to say that we've walked Monday morning, and did our strength training this morning. I've tweaked my setup (as usual), so that I can fit it in the 30min. in the morning after doing the morning chores, but before the cleaning lady comes (on a Tuesday) and before we start with school work. This is what I did this morning:

  • Jumping Jacks 20x
  • Knee Highs X Elbow 20x each leg
  • Walkout2Pushup 10x
  • Deadlift 10x30kg
  • Dumbbell rows 10x4kg (both hands at the same time)
  • Dumbbell shoulder presses 10x4kg
  • Dumbbell tricep 'skull' crushes 10x4kg
  • Bicycle crunches 30x
  • Stretches

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate it. ❤️

Mrs. Van's Latest Challenge



Zechariah 4:6

"Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit, saith the Lord."

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On 3/2/2021 at 7:46 PM, Elastigirl said:

Love you and praying for you!

Thanks E.G. ❤️


More of the same: Brandt caught the first signs of a re-infection (no.4-5?) early today. He got in on an emergency appointment at the urologist - they sent away for tests again, gave him anti-biotics again, and he told Brandt until the operation is done, this is going to be the norm. Brandt is arranging with his one client to take leave (they'll try to co-ordinate leave so that both are unavailable to work at the same time), from around the second last week in March (22nd - 31st). He got the anti-biotics, then drove down to south coast to marshal at a race there tomorrow. He didn't want to leave the manager in a lurch. He will be hours away from a doctor or hospital if he gets a fever or pain again. Hopefully he'll be able to set firm dates for the operation by end of next week, for late March.


Otherwise things are getting back to normal. All the machines are working again - no more washing clothes in the tub either. Just internet is still up and down but hopefully we'll have fiber with another ISP before end of March.


Neither the boys, nor I, did any other exercise, except Rocco went to fencing where, close to the end of the lesson, his pants tore! We all froze when we heard the sound, not sure what was going on. In short, we left early for home to save him some embarrassment.

I am hoping to do my strength exercises tomorrow morning, as I totally overslept this morning. Here's hoping!


Have a good weekend.

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Zechariah 4:6

"Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit, saith the Lord."

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Missy our old German Shepherd dog, died this morning just after 5am. Brandt took her to the vet to be cremated.


She bit me last night when I tried to move her (she was in pain, but couldn't move and I wanted to help, but...), so I have a small puncture wound on my hand. Going to see the dr. later today for anti-biotics.



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Zechariah 4:6

"Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit, saith the Lord."

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On 3/10/2021 at 6:50 PM, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

So sorry about Missy.

Thanks Tank. It's been a long time coming.


The dogs started eating again last night. We still look for her during the day; will take some time to get used to her not being there. My hand has an infection, but it isn't bad... burned-ached like crazy, but the dr.'s meds has now taken the heat and most of the ache away. Still a bit swollen up and I can't put pressure on it, or pick things up (use the hand muscles for heavy things).


Today is Rocco's 12th birthday! We're only doing science/chemistry lesson today, then he and I are heading into town to buy cake and sweet things. Tomorrow the four of us are going to a paintball range to shoot at each other. That was his request for his birthday. Apparently it is going to be Adam and Brandt against Rocco and myself. We've only once played lasertag, and this will be the first time playing paintball.

Wish us luck!

Mrs. Van's Latest Challenge



Zechariah 4:6

"Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit, saith the Lord."

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