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Stats as of nov 15th:

Weight 232.5

23.3% bf

Stats as of today (nov 20th)

Weight 227

21.2% bf

Human going for a ranger.


1: lose 16 lbs or about 7-9%bf. This is a crazy goal but.... I've already lost 5.5 lbs this week (and another 3 the week before which doesn't count for this challenge) so I've only got another 10.5 to lose til the deadline.  :D  I've been insanely cutting by doing a ton of hiit and Tabata as well as calorie counting and 7day low carb cycling. 

2: Do 10 pullups. I'm at 5-6 right now. These really aren't my favorite but that's why I need to do them.

3: get my stupid body clock back on schedule. I've been getting to bed as late as 6am and getting up at like 2pm. So yeah, my body is officially messed up. I've been working from home so I can pretty much work whenever....

I need to be getting up by like 8 and to bed by no later than 12.

Life goal "Level up": ....get a new job. Lol. And get my butt off the couch and start working on my own business plan. I've had a few ideas but haven't really developed them.

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Hey, Welcome!

I've added you to The Leeroy Jenkins Commandos, who are a bunch of Rangers who are focused a bit on cardio and conditioning.

I specifically thought you'd be good for this team because you and KnightWatch both have the exact same goal of 10 pullups.

Feel free to go over there and introduce yourself! :)


Spezzy, the Arcane Skirmisher
Chaotic Good Quarter Elf Slayer/Magus
STR: 21 / DEX: 17 / CON: 14 / INT: 15 / CHA 15
“There's only one rule that I know of, babies—God damn it, you've got to be kind.”
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Well, finally posting.

23rd: ate ridiculously clean all day as usual. Did my fallback workout which is 30 min on my recumbent bike. L13 kept my rpm between 100-120. I'll usually rotate back to something like this every other day but upping the intensity or resistance to ensure that I'm moving forward. Also did 3 sets of pullups til failure.

As far as sleeping goes, I got up at like 9:30 but didn't go to bed til like 3am. Soooo...I still gotta work on that.

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Once again got up at like 9:30-10, but didn't go to bed until like 4am. :)

Ate perfect. :D Although, some days I definitely don't eat enough. Some days I don't even make it to 1500cals. It's not intentional it just happens occasionally.

Did my 1 heavy lifting day just to maintain. 1x5 for my 5main compound lifts at close to 80%(bench 185, squat 230, pullups til failure, deadlift 230, clean and press 85). Threw in a few extra sets of pullups at the end too. ;)

I feel waaay less strong when I'm cutting. All of those weights would have been easy a few weeks ago but they actually wore me out. :oops: lame.

And yes, I realize that my clean and press is incredibly low...ugh. It's taken me awhile to get into them.

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Ate great...although too few calories again. I'm excited for tomorrow. :D I usually let myself eat whatever on thanksgiving but keep it to small amounts. I have not had like any sugar in the last 3 weeks (except for natural stuff like honey, fruit,etc.). I'm wondering how my bodys gonna handle it.

Once again...not enough sleep. :oops: got up on time... But didn't go to bed til 4am last night. I reeeeally gotta get on top of this. Need to do the business thing too. I've thought about it, but haven't done any real work.

For my workout, I did my fallback on my recumbent bike for 30min again but increased to L14.

Then I tossed in a set of bench at 135 for 15rep and 2xF of pullups just for fun. :D

Happy thanksgiving everyone!

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Thanksgiving day:

Got up at 10, Ate a light breakfast of eggs and fruit. For my workout I did a variation of tabata (only u do 3m on, 30sec break, 2m on, break, etc., until u get down to 30 sec on) with deadlift@135. Cranked out a set of pullups and then did the same tabata on my bike. Ended with more pullups. Felt like i was gonna die. :)

Then had an amazing thanksgiving feast. I spaced everything out pretty well so I actually didn't eat too much but the sugar and coffee I did have made me feel sooooo nasty after a bit. Ugh. Like glue in my veins. My heartrate literally started going up just moments after I started eating sugar. I felt terrible.

Yesterday: got up at 5 and went Black Friday shopping!!! :D decided to give myself a 3day weekend break rather than just the two cuz my body seems to be adapting to my routine. Ive been feeling extremely drained the last few days too. Did a carbo load day today too but ate really clean. I'll post about the weekend on Monday.

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Ive just realized that most everyone else's logs are waaay more organized than mine. :lol: gotta get better at this.

I'm stealing mako's idea of using checks on the successful goals. :D

:arrow: 1. Lost like a percentage of a pound...but this was weighing in right after thanksgiving and a carboload day. So most likely just off because of retention etc. I didn't gain any weight over the holiday and that's what's important.

I also successfully conquered two weekend holiday partys without eating ANY sugar, wheat(I've been off wheat for 4 weeks now), or any other fattening unhealthy thing(minus some veggie dip...but that won't count)! It was really hard. I really wanted sugar... but I resisted. :D win!

:arrow: 2. Did 2-3 sets of pullups til failure with every workout last week. :)

:arrow: 3. This is kindof a half win. Ive been great at getting up earlier...but still bad at getting to bed. I sometimes take an afternoon nap to compensate for the lack of sleep.

4. Nope. Haven't done a thing. I planned on taking an afternoon last week to do it...but with the holiday that didn't happen. I'll just plan on doing that this Saturday. Hopefully I can sit down and really crank something out.

Ooh! And I DID do something outside this week. I took a short walk on thanksgiving. It was like 20 out with 20mph 0-degree winds. :D It was FREEZING! needless to say...it was short and I went back inside. :lol:

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Wow. I'm really bad at updating this. It's prolly cuz my only source of Internet right now is whatever I can steal from my neighbor with my iPhone and he tends to turn the wifi off all the time.

Here's my final Challenge update:

Starting weight:

232.5 lbs

23.3% bf

Ending weight:

224 lbs

17% bf


1: lose 16 lbs or about 7-9%bf. A-

Lost about 6.3% bf but only about 8.5 lbs. That's most likely an error or I was just retaining something, but I should have lost more than that.

2: Do 10 pullups. B+

Did 7 really good ones and then 3 more that weren't quite perfect. Felt really good.

3: get my stupid body clock back on schedule. D

For awhile I was getting up earlier but then I had a deadline at work whicheant I was staying up really late and therefore my body clock stayed off track. Lame.

Life goal "Level up": ....get a new job. Lol. And get my butt off the couch and start working on my own business plan. A-

It took me a long time to finally get going on this but I did eventually make progress.

I updated my resume, VFX reel, and cover letter. I have 2 possible jobs in the works right now(both better than my current job), I bought the FHWW book and am finaly finishing reading it, I spent a few hours online looking up manufacturing companies, and I bought a 740 page After Effects book that I'm gonna love reading. :)

And for the team side of things:

I did do something outside every week(although it was usually shoveling snow), and I didn't really start making a survival kit but I did buy some vibram 5 fingers so I think that redeems me. :D

I also successfully went to several holiday parties without eatin ANYTHING bad for me!! I really wanted to, but I somehow pressed on in this battle against sugary Christmas goodies, etc.

Overall I give myself a....B or a B+.

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haha I felt the same way all week; I usually don't go outside in the winter unless it's to go boarding - and then I'm very bundled up. However, with my mum visiting for the week, she would have NONE of that. She's a huge huge huge walking/jogging fan so she decked me out with tons of warm clothes for the winter.

Especially since I have a pup this year, she couldn't abide by me hiding inside and not exercising him!!

That's usually the way I am. Just stay inside and drink cocoa. Luckily this year I was smart and bought a couple of pairs of micrfleece long underwear. They're amazing! I just throw em on under jeans and I'm good to go.

It's funny cuz people from the warmer states tend to not really have an idea what it's like to have it be literally deathly freezing cold. Just last week we had -20 degrees and then a few days before we got 24 inches of snow and 30mph winds with 45mph gusts. It's like an adventure every time u go outside. :) it's as if we live in the wild. Lol. We've had people ask us if we even get electricity up here. :lol:

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