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My Thursday contributions: some makeup declutter! The lip oil and eyebrow pencil just weren't good products for me, but I've used a decent amount of them so I threw them out since it would be unsanitary to pass them on. The mascara might be able to be passed on though because they were free samples I got with other purchases and I haven't ever used them - they've just been sitting in my drawer for the last several months to maybe even a year. Not sure to whom I'll pass them on or how, but I feel the need to at least ask around before I just toss them.




We're leaving for a 24 hour camping trip here in about an hour, so I'll catch up on Friday's decluttering after we're back!

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14 hours ago, Waanie said:

Wait, will we get rid of at least 630 items this challenge? :o

Sweet. I’m glad you did the math so I didn’t have to. ;) 


Speaking of math, I placed 5 homeschool math (pre-algebra, geometry, and algebra) books into the donation box. I graduate from my last senior year as homeschool teacher in May. So unless we adopt, I’m done with reviewing all the subjects we all learned in high school the first time.  

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I got caught up with 12 items today (have not done Saturday's yet). Two pairs of earrings to the donation pile, and a bunch of random small things to the trash. Probably the most interesting was the Airport chip and wireless antenna from my late 2006 Mac Mini, which I replaced a few years ago when they stopped working right and kept because science?

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I'm not counting, but I've had the past 2 days off work and done some major decluttering.


The kitchen got downsized with a brown paper bag with of stuff going in the trash/recycling and another getting donated. I also packed up duplicate pots and pans in a box and labeled in the basement. Should help keep the kitchen tidier.


Yesterday the focus was my closet. I went through all clothes and bags and have 2 laundry baskets to sell/donate/trash. Still need to go through jewelry and a couple of non clothing boxes in there. 

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Didn't really count, but

  • cleaned out the kitchen junk drawer (I believe Marie Kondo disapproves of having a junk drawer...ok it's officially the "checkbook, stamps, spare keys and matches drawer).
  • Put away my exercise bands.
  • Ordered a CO2 cartridge for my PFD (not exactly cleaning, but converts my PFD from "junk" to "something useful").
  • Cleared off two shelves (the ones with the exercise bands and pfd) so I can clean and re-paint them (probably next weekend).
  • Finished going through the pile of old documents.


@cloudykitty your pile was impressive and definitely worthy of a battle roar!

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Went through my tea stash. Had some old sample packets that I know I will not drink, so tossed those in the trash.


I de-stashed one additional sample by making it my post-yoga session reward for today 😉





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No pictures and I honestly didn't know until I read today that I was inadvertently participating when I cleaned my office out this week and tossed I'm not sure how many items that were broken or not needed, and several items donated to my former coworkers! :D 

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