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Nightwatcher13 - Patch 202.1 downloaded, installing now

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Last challenge got a little rough about halfway through, but I got a solid framework built to work on I think.


Explanation on the proposal I submitted, TL;DR I asked for more help in the team at work


I mentioned at the end of my last challenge that I had given a proposal to my manager that might help with some of the ridiculous OT I keep getting in my lap. Long story very short, there have been some shuffles in my team with regards to the managers on the team - but through that, we've lost some manpower in the team and so more work is on fewer shoulders so my mentor and I are both there long hours or on days off trying to keep things caught up. My proposal was to open up the position my mentor occupied when I first started, but that never got refilled after he got a promotion to technical manager of the plant. So a) it would spread the work out more, with me taking basically a half step up and having a new person hopefully come into my current position in the lab, and b) would be a promotion so my career is also actually growing. It has a long way to go before I'll know if it's a yes or no from corporate, but my manager was on board when I presented it to him so hopefully the plant manager also sees it favorably, and from him corporate decides that it's a good idea. (It was also my first time ever having to draft & submit a professional proposal, so holy smokes making that was ALL of the anxiety)


On 2/8/2021 at 3:34 PM, NightWatcher13 said:

Main Quest: Reclaiming my health

I'm moving from aiming for my time, which got entirely away from me last year due to gestures broadly, but that's mostly because I actually have gotten back to a 2 days on/one day off schedule, which should help.

So, that's staying exactly the same. 

SQ1 - Doing yoga before work (4/week)

I'm going to try to get this more consistent this round, basically. I had about a 50% rate on this one last challenge, but on the days i've done it I have definitely noticed a difference.


SQ2 - Food prep on days off (2/wk)

Prepping a lunch to go with me to work for the following 2 days basically so that I don't have to worry about that the days I'm working, since the last thing I feel like doing after 10-12 hr shifts is typically prepping food for the next day.


SQ3 - Getting cardio in VR/AR (2/wk)

With the fact that Ohio is no longer a frozen waste land, I'm adding Zombies, Run! and Pokemon, Go! into the mix here. (Zombies, Run! is only walking right now, with chases turned off since my knees are in no mood for running more than a few yards yet)


Just like last time, I'm counting week 0 (this week) for the challenge, so the totals will be out of 6 weeks.

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Current Challenge: Developing Roots

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