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Male in mid-40s working in Switzerland.


Gyms are open and I’ll log my workouts.


I’ll do full bodies and my cardio will be jogging outside.



Incline BB press / curls

machine rows / side swings (for delts)

Band lateral raises /Landmine thruster (squat into press)

Landmine RDL




Band tricep extensions/db clean and press

goblet squats

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Chin up / dips -40kg 4x6

deadlifts 60kg 3x5

db clean and press 15kg 4x6


Chin ups and dips were fractionally easier. I suspect I will take 5kg off the assist each month.


Added deadlifts in to help with fat loss / conditioning. 

I think I’ll use this as my Swiss photos log too as I lost my photos from Lucerne when my old phone broke. Neuchatel is next in the list of places.

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Incline bb press 40kg 4x6

chin ups -30kg 4x6

landmine squats bar+30kg 3x8

landmine side press bar+7.5kg 3x8


Added 2.5kg on incline.

Chin ups were slightly easier. Had to rest pause 3 reps last time. One this time.

Went from 4x6 to 3x8 on landmine squats

Added in landmine press pushing out to the side to hit side delts.

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Band high pulls 3x10 / band rear delt raise 3x15

Landmine rear delt rows bar+5kg 3x8

hanging knee raises 3x10

Back extensions 3x6


Treadmill 3x5 minutes running.


Added knee raises and back extensions.

Running was exactly the same, so not bad. I’ll do 2x more then add a minute running and reduce a minute walking.

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Incline press 40kg 4x6

deadlifts 65kg 3x5

c+p 17.5kg dbs 8x3

seated row 60kg 3x8


Added 2.5kg on deadlifts.

Switched to 8x3 instead of 4x6 on the clean and press. Form was a lot better as I went faster on the clean and managed to include a bit of a shrug. Reduced rest time from 2 mins to 1 on this. Heart was pumping.


a good session with a little progress.

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Incline bench 42.5kg 4x6

deadlifts 67.5kg 3x5

clean squat press 17.5kg dbs 5x3

row machine 60kg 3x8


Added weight on incline and deadlifts.

I tried out clean squat press but it was a dumb idea after 💀lifts...I’ll try out squat press without the clean next time.


A good session with some progress.

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