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Dips -25kg 4x6

lat pull down 60kg 4x6

landmine squat + press bar+25kg 4x8

band high pulls / rear delts 3x10 / 3x20

RDL 40kg 2x12


Added an extra set on squat press.


Added in some light weight Romanian deadlifts at the end. Will do before hand work next time. Lower back was fine but it’s not 100% yet.


tshirt was very wet after so could pump for the fat loss 

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On 4/24/2021 at 10:58 PM, AwayLifter said:

Male in mid-40s working in Switzerland.


Gyms are open and I’ll log my workouts.


I’ll do full bodies and my cardio will be jogging outside.

Looks like you're already pretty strong.


how about Nerd creds?! What do you like from the sci-fi/fantasy/other niche? 


Obvs he-man ;)

         Endor, LVL 45 Half-Elf Ranger 

PR and Motivation Log | Current Battle Log 


                    Feb-March 2022 Challenge


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Incline press 17.5kg dbs 3x8

row machine 70kg 3x8

shoulder press 15kg 3x8

landmine squat bar+20kg 3x8


bands (same as usual)


switched to db incline from bb as pulled pec on same place as before and shoulders were clicking with bb.


upped reps on row machine.


thought my lower back was all good but still out there yet. Did some light front squats with landmine

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1 hour ago, AwayLifter said:

Lmao, I am far from strong! I’m putting on a bit of muscle and losing a bit of weight. 

I guess a bit of a Star Wars geek and a niche comedy from the U.K. many yrs ago called Red Dwarf.


I found this place as will never be a bodybuilder lol and thought: this will do 

2 of my favourites! 


Howdy doodly do! Would anybody like some toast?!


I still use the name Dwayne Dibley for some situations where they don't really need my name!

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         Endor, LVL 45 Half-Elf Ranger 

PR and Motivation Log | Current Battle Log 


                    Feb-March 2022 Challenge


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Chest press 3x8

lat pull down 60kg 3x8

shoulder press 3x8 15kg dbs

landmine squat press bar bar+25kg 3x8


high pulls / rear delta 3x10 /3x2


i tried neutral grip db incline press but my shoulders were clicking on that. Sets 2 and 3 I used the chest press machine. Will stick with machine for a while as bb and db cause issues.



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Dips -30kg 3x8

row machine 70kg 3x8

shoulder press 15kg dbs 8,8,6

Thruster (I’m not writing landmine squat press but that’s what I’ll be doing) bar+25kg 4x8




missed last 2 reps on shoulder press but supersetted with a heavier band.


Did an extra set of thrusters and reduced rest time from 90 to 60 seconds

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chest press 45kg 3x8

lay pull down 55kg 3x8

Shoulder press 15kg dbs 3x8

landmine squats bar+25kg 3x8


i dropped test times from 60 seconds to 45 seconds

and felt like a cardio session


amd I reckon I’ve got A cups so will do running tomorrow! 

ive been thinking about it for a long time and am ditching German for french! I don’t need either for current contract but I’d much rather live and work in the french part.



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On 8/12/2021 at 6:37 AM, AwayLifter said:

I have taken the pussy option due to so many little injuries 🙈

That's totally fair enough, at our age an injury takes so much longer to recover.  I take things easier these days,  still work hard but not max out and stay within reasonable limits.  I used to crossfit but stopped due to getting sick of the injuries. 

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         Endor, LVL 45 Half-Elf Ranger 

PR and Motivation Log | Current Battle Log 


                    Feb-March 2022 Challenge


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reverse pec dec 3x10

band rear delt rows 3x20

ab bike crunch 2x20


running 2x9 mins, 1x4 mins


went back to running but stopped on the last set as heart rate was up to 160!


I noticed heart rate drops the more I go so I’ll try for 5 mins on next set and so on.


My tshirt is drenched from running compared to xtrainer so will stick with it.

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Chest press 50kg 4x6

row machine 70kg 3x8

db push press 17.5kg 3x8

thruster bar+27.5kg 3x8


bands 2x20 each


upped weight on chest press.

upped weight on shoulder press and needed a bit of welly 


added weight on thruster and reckon I will add again next time.


Traps were on fire with band high pulls as upped reps to 20

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