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By The Power of Grayskull

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Reverse pec Dec 3x10


rear delt rows 3x15

rear delt raises 3x20

Ab bike crunch 3x15


running 2x11 minutes


I did 3 rear delt exercises, remembered to do abs and added 1 minute on the running.


good session!


back to Vevey next weekend then in Madrid the one after. Never been to Madrid so looking forward to it.

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Chest fly 1x20 20kg

chest landmine press bar+35kg 4x6

rows 65kg 3x8

hang clean and press 17.5kg 4x6

leg press 101kg 3x15


added weight on landmine press but last 2 reps had a slight leg push


ill do hang clean and press but not with the squat. They were still a killer though.


i added leg press and hcp took up a lot of energy 

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chest 55kg 4x6

back 75kg 3x8

Curls / band laterals 3x8 / 3x10

thrusters 17.5kg 3x6, 1x5

Band  high pulls 3x10


Back to 60kg on chest next time.

Band laterals were a killer on the side delts. My form is better now.

Thrusters we’re really tough (a squat with dbs at shoulders then a press). Missed the last rep.


Looks like I’m doing a few weeks crash course French in Jan 😱

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