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The Decluttering MMO, or Clutter-B-Gone: Part 2 Of Many.

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Hi everyone!


Remember me? If not, don't feel bad because I kind of dropped off the face of the forums for the last 3 weeks of the previous challenge. But I am trying again, with the same goal...and more! I'll break apart the decluttering into separate levels, or zones, or whatever. It's kind of like an MMO where you stick to certain areas that are appropriate for your character's level range. Like in an MMO, the player can venture into higher level areas, but the player can also get killed more easily in said areas.


Low level:


Level 1 - The Bedroom: the starter area, where I began the last challenge. This area is already partly decluttered, and will be where I begin this challenge.


Level 2 - The Sun Porch: long ago, items that lived in The Bedroom were banished to this area. Contains old university notebooks and textbooks, as well as furniture we no longer use or have space for but for some reason refuse to get rid of.


Level 3 - The Dining Room Table: a small area. In fact, it's not even an area, it's a fucking table. It is the table that seemingly spawns clutter from nothing.


Mid level:


Level 4 - The Entryway: similar to the Sun Porch area, but a smaller space. Needs organizing more than anything. Clutter to space ratio makes this area look more intimidating.


Level 5 - The Garage: the realm of tools and forgotten objects. Currently in disarray. Will remain in disarray until the fence around our yard is built.


Level 6 - The Workshop: when things are banished from the house, they go to the workshop. There is a fridge in there, still in its box. Legend says this fridge has been there since 2017, waiting to be powered.


High level:


Level 7 - The Basement: end game content. Boss fight. Do not attempt.


Bonus lifestyle/vanity level:


Level 8 - My hips and thighs: self-explanatory. I have a photo shoot coming up on June 12 (hey, look at that, the last day of this challenge) and I want to look good for it. I've already got decent exercise habits, but nutrition could be slightly improved. Alcohol consumption could definitely be improved. Or should that be un-improved? Disproved? In any case, I'll be cutting booze out of my diet for the duration of the challenge.


This challenge I will be working mainly on Level 1 and Level 8.

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I just noticed the part about consistency this challenge, and have no clue how to fit consistency into decluttering. I have learned in last challenge that telling myself "I am someone who declutters for at least 10 minutes every day" is a goddamn lie.


Maybe if the list is less long and less overwhelming, I won't just bury my head in the sand instead of completing the tasks on said list. Let's see...


Level 1: The Bedroom.


- Bag and board stray comic books. They're not even stray comic books anymore. They are SITTING ON TOP OF THE COMIC BOX that they need to go into!

- Stack the box containing art supplies/tools into the existing box stack in the corner of my room. It's a small-ish box.

- Put all D&D material in a box as well, with the current campaign notes on top for easy retrieval.

- Pieces of one particular cosplay are currently not in a box. They need to go in a box.

- Remaining fabric, into a box.


That is a lot of putting things in boxes. There is a reason for this: some of the clutter in The Workshop (Level 6) is in the form of empty boxes. By taking these empty boxes and boxing all the remaining shit in my room, I create space in two separate areas. Fuck yeah, powerleveling! The tasks being easy means that I'll a) be able to do all of them during pre-challenge week, and b) generate momentum.


Level 8: My hips and thighs. And let's add waist to this just to be sure.


- Develop some kind of a meal plan that I can use every week (do this during Week 0).

- Don't get drunk on weekdays.

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I am currently commencing a decluttering project, starting with the basement due to its out-of-the-wayness. I'm creating categories and then grouping stuff together. The amount of stuff in some of the categories is way beyond what I thought. I live in fear of the garden/tools category, and the garage and two sheds that hold it. My father collected tools from garage sales, and he was an electrician, so we have a ton of weird stuff and masses of duplicate tools. The last time we organized in there, we collected an entire garbage bin of electrical tape alone. This time, just from the basement, I already have about half a garbage bin of assorted tape. I think, reading between the lines, that I have a similar problem to you, in that one of the family members is not on board the get-rid train and seems to think that the donation pile is for trash.


Flat surfaces are the worst for spawning clutter. Every single flat surface we have is piled up and unsightly. And Box Mountain is real.


Boxing up and grouping stuff is a great first step! How is it going?

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Challenge:   0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15   16   17   18   19   20   21   22   23   24   25   26   27   28   29   30   31   32   33  34  35  36  37 

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Haha, that definitely sounds like our garage/shed also. Or at least it will in the not-far-future, because mom has a property in another province that she might sell, and there are two additional garages with clutter and extra/duplicate tools in them. I'll try to not think about that until it's time to deal with it.  It will be like an expansion to the Decluttering MMO and, like most expansions, it will (hopefully) run into development delays 😅


It is...going-ish.  I'm glad last week was week zero because I haven't done shit. Apparently putting things in boxes is too hard? But then I saw the Burnout thread and remembered "Oh right, that's a thing that has been happening since like 2011 haha." Not that I'm planning to not do my best just because of burnout/depression, but I should probably give myself a break or something.


The new pole gym/class schedule started in May and balancing that and my other workouts leaves me with pretty much no time during the week. This week is also filled with appointments and additional tasks that absolutely need to be done and ugh.


I'll make it a point to just bring the empty boxes from the workshop in my room tonight and then leave them on the floor. The boxes simply being a) visual clutter, and b) in my way should make me angry to the point of putting stuff in them just so I can move them out of the way. 

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Oooop. I have not touched the boxes again last night. The afternoon/evening went something like: get home from work, go vote (municipal election), work out, eat, go to pole class/second workout, walk dog, eat again...OH LOOK IT'S 10:30 😐 At least some success was had fitness-wise because I stuck to my calorie total, worked out, and didn't reach for the wine.


Tonight will probably be similar, except I'll get home 30 min sooner. There will be a 45 min gap between getting home and class #1, though, so I can hopefully use that time to fetch boxes from the workshop and stuff things in them.


I realized today that the photo shoot for which I want so slim down is in exactly 32 days, meaning that my costume has to be ready 31 days from now.  Oh no. There is now a feeling of mild anxiety and panic present during every waking moment. Hopefully this will motivate me to declutter the bedroom and the dining room table faster. I also need to order things from the Internet to make said costume ASAP and hope it gets here on time, aaaaaaaaaaa!

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