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Maigs Does a Hard Reset

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I tried to think of a witty title, but I'm just not a witty person.


It's been a minute or two since I've been around here. It's been a rough few months but there's finally a light at the end of the tunnel and I'm pretty sure it's not a train. 


So let's recap/introduce:

I'm Maigs: mid-30's, female, accountant, spreadsheet lover, chocolate and caffeine addict. My workout of choice is a HIIT kickboxing gym, though I'm also eagerly waiting for the gym at Hub's work to reopen to spouses so I can lift my puny little weights. I got very into OCR's a few years ago but with being out of the game for so long I'm not sure it's still what I want to do (or I'm just terrified that I will suck, idk). I do a very slow yo-yo with my weight, losing 40ish lbs over 6ish months, maintaining for a few years, then gaining back. The first few times I regained it wasn't the full amount, 15-20lbs. This time though....we'll get to that. 


So what's been going on over the last 6 months? Well, we bought a 100 year old house in the country that is gorgeous but needs work. Which I haven't had time to do because I've been living in the never ending tax season since last January. Oh, and my tiny understaffed firm merged with another, larger but still understaffed firm, and we lost 1.5 accountants in the process (one longtimer didn't come over and a new guy who wasn't working out anyway).  I've been working like crazy even though as the least senior person to come over I probably got the least of the merger woes (oh, btw, we merged as of January 1st with 2 months notice). During all of this our 14 year old Floof (Alaskan Malamute) was declining and about a month ago decided it was time to say goodbye 😢 


So where does that leave me? 50lbs heavier than I was a year and a half ago (where I'd been maintaining since 2016). Pupper-less. Exhausted. In pain. Scared to go back to the gym because I'm back at square one. Full of anxiety.


So where's that light? Tax season is over in less than two weeks. And I talked to management and while we still have to work out the details it sounds like I can go down significantly in hours*. So if all goes well, by the end of May I should have SO MUCH TIME. To focus on myself, Hubs, the house, and the kitties :) I can cook, and exercise, and rehab my hip and shoulder that have gone wonky on me. And just fucking breathe


So my goals?


This week:

  • Survive. Get as much done at work as I can
  • Try to not eat like an asshole

Next week:

  • Submit my updated work plan and get approved to start slacking by Memorial Day
  • Try harder at not eating like an asshole
  • Get back in the gym at least once. I haven't been at all since February and even then it had been spotty

By the end of the challenge

  • Get into a good routine that involved cooking most meals and exercising regularly
  • Significantly reduce caffeine
  • Call approximately 137 trades-persons to start getting quotes on work on the house we can't do and start on work we can


*I'm currently at 2350 hours/year, as long as I stay above 1560 I'm considered full time and can stay salary and full benefits. That means that outside of tax season I only have to average 15-20  hours weeks. They already have some people that do that so it's not unprecedented and they seemed very on board with letting me cut back. We haven't even talked pay yet, but quick math says 2/3 the hours = 2/3 the pay and I am 115% okay with that.

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Girl.  We are twinning in so many ways right now, but I am here for the reboot.  I'm glad there is a light at the end for you!!

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“And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.” John Steinbeck

“Do I dare disturb the universe?” – T.S. Eliot

“You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.” – Toni Morrison

"All we have to do is decide what to do with the time given to us" JRR Tolkien


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Current Challenge: Nova Levels Up (and maybe doesn't abandon a challenge...)

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On 5/5/2021 at 10:45 AM, Teros said:

Glad to hear the hours will calm the hell down soon. :)

Welcome, and thanks! It's been a hell of a crazy year and a half for me and I'm ready for it to stop


14 hours ago, Ann of Owlshire said:

Here to cheer on fellow old house renovator! (Not that I’ve been doing much myself.) 

Hello!  So far the only things we've done has been fairly critical. We replaced the water heater since the old one only made warm water and it only lasted long enough for me to wash my hair if I hurried. When they did that we had a water softener and purifier put in because we had high iron and ....manganese...maybe? Smelly water that turned the fixtures yellow and wasn't great tasting. Besides that we've just fixed a spigot that cracked and had a 220V outlet put in the garage for the Leaf. 

But I have a huge list of things that I'm going to start working though in a week or two. Plus figuring out how to take care of yard


8 hours ago, Novaurora said:

Girl.  We are twinning in so many ways right now, but I am here for the reboot.  I'm glad there is a light at the end for you!!

You found me! Hopefully if you're feeling at all like me you have a light that's not a train too

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I made good progress at work this week and actually feel pretty good about where I'm sitting. Still a lot to do, but I've made it through most of what needs done by tax day (next Monday). 


Not eating like an asshole has been....not so great. It's not horrible, I've not really gone out to eat much, but I've definitely eaten my share of chocolate and Dr. Pepper. 


Today I actually put in only a half day at work, then came home and spent about an hour weeding the front garden. We have no idea what any of the plants are, but we're starting to figure out what's intentional plants and what's weeds. Honestly at this point it's like 90% weeds and we may just till the whole thing up and start over. I'll try to remember post pictures, it's a cute little front garden, but currently almost no flowers (but a peach tree!)

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17 minutes ago, Fonzico said:

Peach tree! That's amazing. 


That is great news that you'll be able to reduce your hours... time to regain some sanity!


I'm so here with you for the slog back to taking care of ourselves. ❤️

Fonz! Good to see you back around too!


So funny enough...I've never actually eaten a peach. But I'm sure as hell gonna try to learn to grow edible peaches and like them :D I also plan on planting a black (american) walnut tree and a pecan tree. We had these growing up and I'd love to have them here. 


I'm looking forward to sanity. Mine has definitely been slipping with periodic break downs. The most bizarre one while listening to Korn's Prey For Me on my drive home, a song that demands to be played a max volume and is not a break down and cry kind of song.

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Oh, hey, look, two weeks of ghosting. Surprised?


The good news is that tax season is over!!! And what do I do the moment tax season is over? I spend 3ish hours doing yard work, pick the trees we want planted, start planning what's going in the front garden, and call the first two companies to get quotes for work on the house. 


Let's back up. 


Week 0
Goals: Survive and try to not eat like an asshole

Results: I survived. 


Week 1

Goals: Submit updated work hours plan, try harder to not eat like an asshole, and get my ass in the gym ones. 

Results: I asked HR about how to handle some details on my work plan, and she didn't know so she told me to ask the head of Admin. Admin is just as busy as tax accountants this time of year so I waiting until today to try and ask her. She was out so I sent her an email. Eating was kinda ridiculous (why yes, I had Taco Bell twice, Rusty Taco once, and Chipotle once. No I do not have an addiction to vaguely Mexican food). And I made it to the gym yesterday (Sunday), which is technically Week 2 since I'm very American and even though Monday being the first day of the week makes all the sense, it is not the first day of the week. But I'm counting it!


Most of the two weeks were just surviving and trying to not have a breakdown


Wait...I have a thing for this...




Friday I got through nearly everything that needed done before the deadline so I went home after lunch. And of course promptly got asked if I could help out with something someone else didn't have time to get to, which I did Saturday morning. The goal for the weekend was to start on the upstairs bathroom, but instead we started in the yard. I spent a few hours getting some of the worst of the weeds, then after talking with Hubs we decided to just take out the entire front garden, except for one flowering plant, and start over. So we mowed/weedwhacked it down and raked all the debris and mulch out. Then we went to the garden store to try and figure out what we wanted to put in it. I got some ideas, but more excitingly, found that they had pecan and American (black) walnut trees which is exactly what I want to plant. And we picked a crimson maple tree we liked too as well as a variety of pine to be a wind break one end of the property. Didn't actually buy them yet, but we've picked them out :) 

Sunday started out rough. I went to Kohls to buy some clothes that fit and about had a breakdown. Might have had one if Hubs hadn't been with me and would not have known what to do with me if I had. Had a nasty migraine too. I took some painkillers and hot shower and got myself to functioning and made my ass go to the gym. It was good, but I was sucking air hard. After that I felt much better and managed to relax a bit, meal plan, and go grocery shopping and felt pretty good by the end of the day. 


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I'm sorry your Sunday was rough. It sounds like you managed to correct course though and hopefully set yourself up for a decent week! 

What did you plan for meals? 


Huzzah for garden/yard progress! It's going to be such a gratifying project. 


And HEY! You survived tax season! You can breeeeeeeathe now! It's gonna get better.

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8 hours ago, Fonzico said:

I'm sorry your Sunday was rough. It sounds like you managed to correct course though and hopefully set yourself up for a decent week! 

What did you plan for meals? 

Thanks. I think part of if was my brain saying "Okay, tax season is one, we can afford to break down now". But also I'm 50lbs heavier than I was 18 months ago and 10lbs away from my heaviest. I've been living in a style of leggings I bought 4 pairs of for the last 18 months and have no idea what pant size I wear. Plus I HATE clothes shopping even on a good day. I'm way too picky and it's a smashing success if I manage to find 2 items I like in the same trip. Sunday I got a bra that's acceptable and a tshirt that was a slam dunk because it's a unisex shirt (with cartoony Batman and villians on it) which is safe



Florentine Chicken*  - chopped onion, broccoli, baby carrots, spinach, navy beans, diced chicken/chik'n, and alfredo sauce. Mix it all together, put in a casserole dish and bake for 20-30 minutes (longer if using real chicken and don't pre-cook it...)

Balsamic Chicken - chopped onion, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic, frozen mixed veggies and diced chicken/chik'n cooked on the stovetop and served on rice

Tortilla stew - onion, bell pepper, diced tomatoes, medium salsa, black beans, pinto beans, corn, red lentils, chili powder, garlic, cumin, cayenne pepper& broth cooked in a crockpot for 8ish hours. Add a cup of heavy whipping cream and simmer another 30 minutes and enjoy with tortilla chips

Chicken & Biscuits - cheater chicken/chik'n pot pie with canned biscuits on top instead of a crust

Fried Rice - Hub's new specialty :) 


I already had to postpone the Tortilla Stew that was supposed to be today because I ran out of Pyrex containers putting away last nights leftovers. So we'll clear some out tonight and have that Thursday (moving the Fried Rice to Friday, which is a good thing because I didn't realize we were almost out of rice)


*The name is from the recipe I stole and bastardized. I think the Florentine indicates a part of the recipe I got rid of but we still call it that.

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Week 2 - Monday

Even though it was the last day of tax season, it was a fairly slow day for me since my stuff needed to be done a few days before so it could go through the process before getting to the clients. It was a fairly relaxing day of trying to get myself to focus on anything and settling for some easy, low priority work, then ended up leaving an hour early. I called a couple of foundation companies to come out and look at our basement. First one is coming out tomorrow and the other on Friday. I'm a bit scared, this has the potential to be very expensive, but if there is major work to be done, it's better to get it out of the way than to ignore it.  After work I got home and made Balsamic Chik'n. I was starving so I ended up snacking while it was cooking and those snacks ended up being around 500 calories, but it was all far better than the nonsense I had been snacking on before so I'm not upset by it. My first priority with food is to quit eating junk, then I can worry about dialing in the calories. I wanted to go for a walk, but it was raining all day and I live on a gravel road which isn't pleasant to walk on when wet. 


Week 2 - Tuesday

Another decent day. Calm day at work and the office closed an hour early for IT updates. I kinda wanted to go across the street to get snacks, but more out of habit (and minor addiciton) than anything else so I easily opted out. I brought my workout gear with me, but still a tad anxious about getting back in the gym and slightly paranoid about wardrobe malfunctions (all of my sports bras are zip front and I've had 2 break while trying to put them on in the last 6 months). So I went home first, ate some leftovers, changed, then went to the gym. Spent a lot of time sucking air again, but it was a good workout. Overall food was really good, I successfully did not eat like an asshole :) 

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Week 2 - Wednesday


We got fed breakfast at work as our after-tax season celebration. It was pretty good and not terrible for you, mine was an egg and cheese sandwich on an english muffin and yogurt with fruit. I'd grabbed a granola bar in case and ended up eating it because it was there. After that I had trouble concentrating at work since I had an appointment in the afternoon to get a quote for the scariest bit of work we're having done on the house; basement foundation repair and water proofing. 100 year old house means things have shifted and while the walls aren't bad considering, they definitely aren't straight. And the basement hasn't gotten wet yet (except when a spigot cracked....) but it is damp with water coming up through the cracks and bottom corners. Luckily it's not as scary as I was afraid. It's not cheap, but we're hopefully doing things right and not just "good enough" to where we can finish the basement next summer. We have another company out Friday for a second opinion but so far my gut is to go with these guys. 


Hubs dropped of his car for a warranty issue before the appointment so I picked him up and we grabbed Taco Bell before going home. Then Hubs reheated some leftovers before I was even ready to think about dinner so I didn't end up cooking. I'm still not actually hungry, but may have something light before bed. 

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And I'm behind again.

Food has been so-so. Progress, but not as much as I'd like. Part of the problem is we're going back to Homestate this weekend so I'm mentally justifying "so-so" with "I'll start after we get back". Not ideal. 

Exercise has been good. I made it to kickboxing three times last week and again yesterday. 

I finally talked to the person at work about how to adjust my work plan and have good direction. I need to hammer out the details, but once I do I can start it pretty much immediately. They'd prefer I start at the beginning of a pay period so I should be on reduced hours the week after next. 


And I signed a contract to spend a whole lotta money fixing the walls and waterproofing my basement. The work won't start until September, but I've at least got that project moving

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I think I'm about am ready to kick my ass into gear. We drive back from Homestate on the 1st and that is a mere three day work week for me, and my last "40" hour week before I drop down to 15-20 hours. So I'm starting that day. I need to hammer out some details but my goals are basically:



1. Eat within a specified calorie goal

2. No soda

3. Don't let caffeine creep up as calories and sugar go down



1. Kickboxing 3x/week

2.  Add either running or strength training 2x/week

3. Stretch/foam roll 3x/week



1. Make some progress on house projects each week

2. Spend at least an hour doing garden/yard work each week


I may sign up for NF coaching to help kick start this. If anyone wants to be an accountability partner outside of the forums I'd love to chat through FB Messenger, Telegram, or really any app. 

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  • Maigs changed the title to Maigs Does a Hard Reset

June 1


The day was spent driving 10 hours so not a lot of options for being awesome. I had a bagel for breakfast, some trail mix, a can of Dr. Pepper, an Impossible Whopper, onion rings, split a Dr. Pepper with Hubs, had a couple of sips of his chocolate shake....and I think that was it for food for the day. Other than that the whole day was spent sitting in the car, trying to stay awake for the audiobook we're listening too, and failing at it :) 


I'm still considering signing up for NF coaching, but it's gonna have to wait a bit. Hubs finally got his ducks in a row on a trip that's been a vague concept since January and we're heading to Florida next week to see his brother. We're going to hit Universal Studios and I plan on keeping my food on track during the trip so hopefully progress will be made on goals. 

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June 2


Overall it was a really good day. I ate my normal PB&J oatmeal for breakfast, had the other can of Dr. Pepper we brought home from the trip, got Jimmy Johns for lunch (Veggie on wheat bread, light mayo and cheese, extra onions, no chips or a drink), and made fried rice for dinner keeping my calories right in goal at around 1700 and stuck to a reasonable amount of caffeine. 


I had a meeting today to go over my adjusted plan at work and it was approved so I'm now on greatly reduced hours outside of tax season. And so I left work around 3pm today which was glorious. I came home, did some domestic rangering and actually did two of the smallest projects on my list for the house. Then I changed and went to the gym. I may have to have them make modifications for me to skip the roundkicks because they are seriously aggravating my hip. So after dinner I tried to not cry while using the myofascial peanut on it, then rolled and stretched my quads. 


I weighed myself this morning and was 212.6lbs. That is just 10lbs under my highest weight which fucking sucks, but that's where I'm starting this respawn


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June 3


I could get used to leaving work early :) I put in about 4 hours, then went to the hardware store to get caulk to fill a hole left when I removed an old coax cable from the side of the house yesterday, and stopped to grab ingredients for dinner tonight. Then I went home, filled said hole, finally switched out the comforter on the bed for a blanket, went for a walk, lifted some weights, put some of the trash previous owners left in the lean-to in the garbage, and spent about an hour weeding the garden. I've spent some time stretching out my legs (in addition to my hip, my quads and glutes are now very sore from the gym yesterday) and will hopefully spend a little more before bed. 


Food was good. I had PB&J oatmeal for breakfast, leftover fried rice for lunch, a small handful of trail mix as a snack, and Peanut Butter Udon for dinner. Calories were good (if a tad low) at 1500. No soda was consumed, and I stuck to 2 energy drinks. Kicking ass is in progress

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Heck yes - great job with your respawn! 


I too am a little dismayed that I let so much of my hard work get undone, but you're right - we're at where we're at and all we can do is the work we need to from here. 


So great that your modified work schedule is in effect now too! That will help so much with energy and mental capacity and general dealing with it-ness. 


Way to crush it! You got this.


(Also I am totally up for some accountability check ins! Just not Facebook, it gives me anxiety haha. I prefer WhatsApp, but I can download telegram??)

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12 hours ago, Fonzico said:

So great that your modified work schedule is in effect now too! That will help so much with energy and mental capacity and general dealing with it-ness. 

Thanks! I'm so excited, though the reality of the smaller paychecks in a little terrifying considering how much I'm going to be spending on my house in the next year or so. We'll be fine, but I had gotten used to being very financially comfortable compared to suitably financially comfortable


12 hours ago, Fonzico said:

(Also I am totally up for some accountability check ins! Just not Facebook, it gives me anxiety haha. I prefer WhatsApp, but I can download telegram??)

I downloaded WhatsApp. Not entirely sure how it works, but my name on there is the same as my username here if you can find me that way

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June 4


Busy day, not quite as ass kicking as I was hoping. I worked from home and had a hard time getting myself started so I took a walk. Got a few hours of work in, got information to finish a couple of projects that I should probably try and do before we head out of town again next week to see more family. Did a bit of domestic rangering. When Hubs came home we decided to go for a bike ride, which ended up being very short since we learned quickly that our hybrid bikes are not suited to gravel roads. Since I worked from home I couldn't stop by the grocery store on my way home to grab ingredients for dinner, so Hubs and I went grocery shopping and grabbed tacos. Instead of our normal pack that comes with 6 tacos and a huge bag of chips and queso I opted for a taco bowl and no chips. I had to guess at the calories in my logging. No yard work or house projects and so far no stretching and I wouldn't hold my breath it will happen before bed


Food was my normal PB&J oatmeal, leftover fried rice, two granola bars, and my fajita taco bowl. Calories around 1800. No soda, two energy drinks. 

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June 5


I was about to say that I decided to make it a lazy day, but I got quite a bit of movement in, just not much else accomplished. We slept in a bit, then lazed around in bed for a while before Hubs got up and made us breakfast. After that I went to the gym for a good (and very sweaty) workout. Afterwards I decided I wanted to go for a walk so Hubs and I went to some woods near us with a lot of trails and did about 2-2.5 miles. Came home and lazed about some more, ate leftovers for a very late lunch while watching YouTube. Then he left for his first out-of-the-house D&D game in over a year. Now don't get me wrong, I love my husband and we've always spent most of our (non-working) time together which I also love, but I really missed those Saturday evenings of having the house to myself. I have some work I should probably do this weekend, but Hubs has to work tomorrow so I decided I'll do it then :D I took another long walk and watched some tv.


Breakfast was biscuits and gravy, lunch was leftover Peanut Butter Udon. Since lunch was so late I wasn't very hungry but figured I should have something so I made a couple of eggs. I think I had a handful of trail mix too. No soda, no extra energy drink, and about 1400 calories. I may hit the gym again tomorrow and if so I'll need to make sure I get some quality calories in beforehand since today was so low

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June 5

Another semi-lazy day. Hubs worked a 10ish hour day so I had the house to myself. I didn't end up going to the gym because I came up with my alternate exercise plan late Saturday night. Details in spoiler




My hip isn't likely to be happy with running so I decided to add lifting. Since I still can't get into the free gym at Hub's work I'm stuck lifting at home (unless I wanted to pay....). I have 5, 10, and 15lbs weights. I started with the StrongLifts 5x5 setup and altered it to split upper and lower body and exchanged bench press for pushups, deadlifts for RDLs, and lunges for the second squats, and added planks to both. So my routine will be:



Squat 5x5

Lunges 5x5

RDL 5x5

Planks 20sec x3



Rows 5x5

OHP 5x5

Pushups 5x5

Planks 20sec x3


I'll fully focus on form and consistency rather than increasing the weights. 



So I did the arms day. I used the 10lbs weights and did knee pushups. It was doable, but not too easy. I also took two walks, stretched out my hip and shoulders, cleaned the house....and not much more. It was another two meal day so calories were low again at 1400. PB&J oatmeal, taco soup with tortilla chips, small handful of trail mix, and an ice cream sandwich, no soda, and no extra energy drinks

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I fell off the face of the earth because Hubs and I took a last minute trip to Florida to visit his brother. Other than a 20k step day at Universal Studio I did no exercise but food was decent all things considered. We just got back a few hours ago and I've already gone grocery shopping so I have everything to make dinners for the week. I'll post a new challenge soon and joined the weight loss PVP that starts tomorrow

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