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Konichiwa! Hello everyone! I am back and starting on my challenge. First, I want to give an update on a few things that have happened in the past few months. 


About a month ago I got really sick with a stomach flu. I could barely keep water down. Once I started being able to eat again, I was eating just light foods. I took advantage of this and decided not to go back to eating and drinking the way I had been. I stopped drinking soda altogether, I started cooking more at home, I started eating healthier and taking my lunch to work. It was going great and I was getting results! I had just started introducing some more movement in my life when I started slipping on my nutrition. I can feel myself falling back into old habits. I need to get control of this before it gets out of hand and I lose what progress I've made. I had finally lost most of my quarantine weight. 


Also, since I got my Master's degree, I've felt stagnant, like I'm not working towards anything or learning anything new. So, in good nerd fashion, I decided to try and learn Japanese. I've been doing pretty good so far. I'm still a beginner, but I'm working on learning my Kanji on WaniKani and I've started grammar lessons on Bunpro. I'm also on a Japanese learning discord channel so I can talk to others and learn better as I go along. So, my theme this challenge is going to center around the Japanese language and culture. 





Challenge Details:


Nutrition - Track and Adjust: For the first week of the challenge I am going to track what I eat. I'm not going to track calories, but just whatever I eat so I can see patterns and what I need to do to improve. Then I will make a quantifiable goal to follow up on starting week 2. So, I want to do this for all 7 days next week. 


Movement - 15 minute walks:  To start off I want to get in a 15 minute walk every day at least 5 days a week. I think this a good starting point to get more movement in my life. 


Bonus - Learn Japanese: I want to work on my Japanese at least once a day 5 days a week. Just watching anime or listening to Jrock doesn't count. I need to actually put forth effort to learn my kanji, vocabulary, and grammar. 


Let's do this!!!! 

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