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Emma: There is no Reverse Gear on a Motorcycle

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6 hours ago, Emma said:

iPhone issued by work

Are you using Apple Navigation or Google maps? 

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"By the Most-Righteous-and-Blessed Beard of Sir Tanktimus the Encourager!" - Jarl Rurik Harrgath

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Looks like apple. It does fine outside San Francisco. When I was in Portland I had the same kind of problem with my personal phone also using apple.  I’m voting for bad reception in the canyons caused by the tall buildings.

This past week has been rough. Lots of overtime. Overtime tonight as well, half shift on my day off. What really sucks? The guys on the day shift want to do overtime, but they rarely allowed. Me? The one who does not want overtime? “All OT approved.”  Pbbt.  

Yes, they need to hire more people and I do know they work on it. I see ads frequently. This is just a weird job that takes a certain kind of person. It doesn’t pay as much as a hospital or clinic because the job is mostly driving. I am underpaid as an xray tech and overpaid as a driver.

I am in survival mode now. Eat (no cooking), sleep, exercise and laundry. Doing laundry by hand about half the time. Using the machine right now just to get caught up.

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Challenge summary:

Stop looking back. Good.  I feel I didn’t spend as much time dwelling on the past and more time thinking about the present and the future.

PT. 50 %. I came up with a plan to increase the intensity of my exercise by doing the RBG workout. I can’t make it through the whole thing so I planned to add in one or two exercises a week. The two that I chose ended up hurting my back and shoulders. They were given up and I am currently back to regular PT. I like this plan though and will continue with it, just not those two exercises. (RBG was really tough. This is not an easy workout.)

Hand-wash clothes. 50%. I have gotten behind occasionally and used the washer in the closet a few times.

CE. Done.

Screen time. Decreased. Good.

Eating. I am down another two pounds. Yay!

Next caper. The sheriff department wants more time than I have to give right now. This goes into the retirement list.

Visit to the park. Um. Well, it’s still summer. Maybe next month?

Computer issues. Have not booted up the Mac. PC is doing okay, aside from taking forever to load the very first webpage.

Work. Heh. Something is  going on. Being sent to Oakland tonight and Sacramento is covering my cases. They are short handed in either SF or San Jose and playing the domino game. I don’t know if someone is sick, or quit. But something is wrong somewhere.

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Big fire in Marin county near Sausalito. Jumped the freeway. Eight lanes. Jumped eight lanes of solid concrete freeway. Wind. 
Really need to finish getting my go bag together.

Fire season has arrived.

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Just spoke with boss.

Three techs are out in SF and Oakland.

one on injury, one taking care of dad just put on hospice, and one on long planned vacation.  Vacation guy should be back  in a few days, anyway. Don’t know about the other two.

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