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I'm posting a video of my squats from last night for form checks. I lifted years ago although squats were always the worst of the big 3 for me. I posted form check videos then and found out I was doing half squats. I was considerably thinner then (meaning my belly wasn't in the way) and I started working on form but didn't ever get my numbers up. Every time I stepped up to the bar, I'd tell myself it was going to be too much weight and I couldn't do it. Eventually I quit going to the gym and worrying about nutrition and have gained the 100 lbs I lost back.


Fast forward to a month ago, I decided to start working at it again. I chose to do keto and GSLP (though the keto has since stopped because of gout issues. I'm just focusing on eating "clean" and nutrient dense foods) and began working on squats again. GSLP prescribes 2 sets of 5, followed by an AMRAP set for the squat. If you can do 10 or more squats in the AMRAP, you increase the weight by 10 lbs at the next session rather than 5. I was getting 10 lbs in each one (I started at 95 lbs working weight and got up to 165lbs). Over the course of a few weeks, I started to feel pain in my knee following squats. One day, I almost collapsed when walking down a flight of stairs because it felt like my knee gave out. It hurt to walk or bend, and so I decided to take a week off from squats. After the first week off, I began focusing on the muscles that work with the knee (glutes, calves, and quads) by doing hip abductions, leg press (one legged) and bodyweight calf raises as well as focusing on stretching. I also added in bodyweight squats to try and get the foot placement down while rebuilding strength. Last week, I started at 95lbs on the bar again and am increasing by 5lbs instead of 10 (even if I get 10 or more reps) so I can make the increase more gradual instead of overdoing it with the knee.


Having watched the video, it looks like I'm not quite going to parallel so I need to work on that. Torso position is also a challenge because I'm 6'2" (188cm) and 334lbs (151.4999kg) with long legs, so getting to depth has been a problem. I think my hip mobility and ankle mobility are contributing factors. It's not apparent from the video, but I have my feet slightly wider than shoulder width with toes pointed at 11 and 1. I'm using a low bar squat because it helps with my balance and my ability to keep my torso upright during the lift instead of having to bend over at the bottom. If you could give any pointers to improve further, that would be great!




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