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Thursday, May 20th

It’s been a good day- I paid my registration violation ticket, I scheduled my annual physical, got Bird Box from the library (which I walked to from work because it’s about 1/2 mile away, and I needed to get my walk in),  worked on school and did some thinkin’ on my novel. I didn’t get as much school done as I intended, but I was tired this afternoon and ended up taking a power nap on the couch while dinner cooked in the Instant Pot. 

I’m all set up to hit the gym in the morning, but feeling a little concerned I won’t be able to sleep because it’s 8:40 and I need to be asleep in the next 20-30 minutes to hit my 8 hour sleep window and I feel pretty awake. I took my melatonin and I’m going to listen to Sawbones, a podcast about medical history, and play on my switch for a while, which usually does the trick. 

Here’s my bread that I stayed up late to make last night- it turned out well, despite an abbreviated second rise. 

went to bed late, but for a good reason (see bread above) and got an 8 hour sleep window
morning routine: skipped morning routine but went for a walk and did homework in the afternoon, so, that’s a win

eat for success: 119g  protein, 33g fiber, 125oz water  I chose to have a higher calorie day (about 2100) because I’ve been really active and pretty hungry this week and I want to be well fuelled(fueled? Fuelled? 🤷‍♀️)  to kill it tomorrow at the gym. 



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Friday, May 21st

Nailed the gym today! I didn’t quite get enough sleep, but I knew I wanted to come home, play video games and chill tonight, so I got up and got ‘er done, rather than miss my chance. 

another day with 10k+ steps, that’s 3 this week! Even when I was my absolute fittest, with visible abs, I never got this many steps. Being active for the sake of my health, rather than abs, is a new thing for me, and I’m proud of myself! 

I figured out the blurb that would go on the back of my novel. Now I just need to outline and write the novel ;) I’m going down the road of some female-protagonist tropes that I don’t super love, because it’s some real bullshit(why is “female in peril” so captivating, but if you tried to do the same with a male character, it doesn’t quite feel right? Because internalisation, that’s why). but I do really like the story and my character and I figure I will learn how to write a book and then once I’ve figured out how to actually finish something, I’ll remaster genre conventions and tropes to put that bullshit on its head. 

bedtime: 7 something sleep window
morning routine: went to the gym! 

eat for success:  100g protein, 24g fiber, 80-90oz water, calling it a win, might have another  yogurt and take it up to 115g if I get peckish before bed  


Weekly Gym: 2/3 

Weekly Ave calories: 1647/1800. I need to eat a bit more at least one more day a week, my body lets go of weight better when I have a couple of higher calorie days a week.  

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Quick update: 

this week has been kind of chaotic, I haven’t been keeping track of things this week and kind of just getting pulled along by the current. 

Too much documentary-watching and video game playing, not enough adulting. So today I’m gonna clean and get organized so the rest of the week can get back on track. 👍

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Wednesday, May 27th 


bedtime: 7 something sleep window 
morning routine: went to the gym! 

eat for success:  149 G protein, 18g Fiber...so close, but no cigar on Fiber, and didn’t hit water  


This week has been kind of manic. I’m going to make a slow cooker/instant pot meal plan for next week and get on top of prep over the weekend so that next week can go easier. 

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41 minutes ago, x Valkyrie x said:

’m going to make a slow cooker/instant pot meal plan for next week and get on top of prep over the weekend so that next week can go easier.

Great idea!

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Wisdom 22.5   Dexterity 13   Charisma 15   Strength 21  Constitution-13

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind' Luke 10; 27

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Weekly recap: 


This week was a blur, every day felt like a manic Monday! It’s funny how change in routine can throw you so off your game. 
my biggest win this week was standing up to my  boss. They (for the sake of anonymity) are manipulative, narcissistic, and highly ambitious. I’ve seen them bait and bully myself and my teammates into doing what they want, even to the point where in the last 2 weeks, my coworker’s sister died and our employer wouldn’t give her a full week off to make the 12 hour drive there and back for the funeral and to help with caring for her 93 year old mother.  Last week, my other coworker had time off requested for over a year and had a staycation with his family, and my employer knew he was still local, and called him in to do evals.  I’m getting sick of watching them pick on my team, and on me. 

So, when I learned we had the option to take Memorial Day off(because of changes in rules to Medicare reimbursement), I brought it to them, asked very genuine questions and they had to be honest or else outright lie to my face about public record. So, I have a 3 day weekend and a lasting glow of victory to take me into next week!


Gym: 1/3 

Total Ave intake: not sure.  I was ~<1800 on the 4 days I tracked this week, but Fiber and protein were lacking. 



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