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Back at it.....again

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So....uhm....*wrings hands* HI! I was active a few years back on and off. Since last I've been active I've moved once, had a baby, gone through sick leave for a burn out, left my job, had bariatric surgery and started a new job. Things have really changed in the last year and well...I'm back again. :)


So the surgery was because I couldn't stand it anymore. I was sick and tiered of ALWAYS fighting, always feeling like a faliure and even if this sure as hell isn't an easy way out, for ME....it works. I've gotten a reset of my body, can't eat sweets and don't even want them anymore (besides during my period ofc.....). I eat better then I have in years and I feel amazing. But. The whole situation about working out is a mess right now. I can't seem to get started no matter what I do. 


So because of this I've decided to go back to basics - doing the nerd fitness beginner at home workout. Do those twice a week to get into it and then the plan is to progress as time goes by. I really want to get back into crossfit but hey, as long as Covid has her claws in the worls I'll just have to work out at home by myself. :)

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Hiya, welcome back! I did the same; was active a few years ago and just recently returned with quit a different life than I then had, haha! Not sure if fitness classes have reopened in your corner of the world but as somebody who struggles with the motivation on the working out front more than on the dieting front, I found that signing up for real classes helped, if you haven't found that already! 😊

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Welcome back!  Ugh, every workout is a challenge to get started.  Once I get started is no problem, but that warm-up or whatever....  Seems a good idea to start with the beginner NF stuff and use that to prep your body for when you can kick it back in crossfit. 

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