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Marvelette's Push & Pull Challenge

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I have three Adventures that I started on the NF App - Body Weight Workout Routine: Level 2, Push-Up Challenge & Chin-Up Challenge.

I know I'll have to do a little more work after I get a Chin Up to get a Pull Up, but I plan to use the free resources on the NF website.

It might be too ambitious to work on all three adventures at the same time, but I'm shooting for the stars! :)

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Update: I'm holding off on the pull ups, but added the 30 Days of Walking group adventure.

I tried to do both pull ups and push ups, but just couldn't make it work.

I couldn't do both workouts on the same day - my arms/shoulders just couldn't.

Then when I tried to alternate days, that left me with no rest days - so again, burn out.


I think this is A LOT more doable.

Lesson learned on my first challenge.

Guess I was a little too enthusiastic!!



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@foxinthenorth the walking adventure went well.  I do much better at cardio than strength so it wasn't too difficult.

Boy, did I need that easy win because I am still struggling to manage a push up.

I ended up having to put a pause on the push ups too!  I'm doing the Bodyweight Workout Adventure, Level 1.

I guess I need to work my way up to the push up challenge, but I'm determined to get through it!!

Thanks for checking in! :)

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