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Shadow wolf's journey to stress management

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I am on a journey to relieve my stress. Whether it is from life or from work. 

Here is my quests.

  1. Eating more healthier: working on incorporating more healthier snacks and healthier foods in my diet.
  2. Food tracking: tracking my food to see what I have to work on more
  3. More workouts: getting off the couch and working out more. In the gym or at home.
  4. Study nutrition and fitness: to gain more knowledge to make my journey more easier and one day getting certified.
  5. Digital detox more
  6. Doing more relaxing things: after a stressful work day. Coming home to do a stress relieving thing to forget.


Doing these things will one day help me rediscover my love for the wellness field and help me manage my stress.



  1.  Wellness planner
  2. Bullet journal
  3. Pocket notebooks
  4. The hero's journal
  5. Healthier snacks 
  6. Workout equipment 
  7. Tablet


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How has the nutrition testing gone?

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"By the Most-Righteous-and-Blessed Beard of Sir Tanktimus the Encourager!" - Jarl Rurik Harrgath

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