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Levelling up and progressing

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Hi there!
This is Kelvin here from Singapore! I’m currently working in two jobs. To get started, I’ve dropped a couple from pants sizes from size 44(few years ago I toggled between size 44 to size 38 and stopped there)  to size 34 and today, size 33 without any fad diets or pills, only making a few changes to my diet and lifestyle.
My favourite activities now are jogging around my favourite places and swimming and I am happy with the progress I’ve made and seen a bit of definition in my delts and shoulders as well as my obliques too.
Goals: While my current goal is to continue leaning out, I also want to achieve even more definition in my delts and arms as well as improve the appearance of my hunched back.
Since October 2020 till now, I am currently doing inclined push-up variations 3x a week, working on improving my form and today I am doing my push-ups on a lower platform compared to when I the platform that I used when I first started doing modified push-ups. Now, on days when I’m not doing push-ups, I’m doing modified rows in the exercise corners near my neighborhood to work for pull-ups.
As all the gyms in Singapore have been closed until further notice due to a spike in the pandemic cases, I plan to do weight training exercises in the exercise corner near my neighbourhood on top of what I’m currently doing and(push ups and working towards pull-ups) until the gyms reopen and so I’ve a few questions:
1. How do I adjust my macros for toning up my shoulders while on a calorie deficit?
2. For workouts in the exercise corner and at the gym, what workouts would you recommend and what workout splits would you advise? What tempo and rep range would be the most suitable for me as a beginner and how many sets should I start with? What should my rest time be in between sets? How do I progress?
Your advice would be very much appreciated!
With thanks,
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