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Mistr paces herself

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Aikido last night was fun. My friend focused the class on uke giving a better attack.


All to often new people don't understand the context of grabbing attacks and behave as if the goal is to immobilize the person's wrist. A more martial approach is to view the grab as a suppressing maneuver for a punch with the other hand. Looking at the attack this way explains why uke does not let go when nage turns or steps to the side. Uke is still trying to hit nage, so they follow nage's movement looking for an opening.


After practicing grab/punch with several responses, we moved to punch/punch. Multiple punches make for a more realistic attack than the overcommitted single punch often seen in training. Uke does not have great expectations that their first punch will land. They hope that their first punch will get nage off-balance enough that their second (or later) punches will land. They certainly do not stop moving if the first punch does not connect. Lots of techniques in aikido make more sense and work better when uke continues to press the attack.


Wednesday is listed as a basic class, but most of the people there were senior. Three white belts and 6 black belts, all nidan or above. I got good feedback from the senior people I worked with. My rolls are slowly getting better. I feel like I am gradually moving back into my previously scheduled life.



I have too many battles on my list for tonight. I suspect something is going to come up and disrupt any plans I make.

  • Sit zen. I did not get to this last night and only had time for 15 minutes before work.
  • Pound stakes into the garden and tie up plants
  • Work on finances
  • Spin the last bit of dark grey Wensleydale wool
  • Make chocolate pudding
  • Put bins of fiber away in the closet and the garage

Family update


Elf has a new job!


Not only do they have a new job, the interviewing manager liked them so much that she recommended Elf for another open position on a supervisor track. Elf interviewed for that on Tuesday. They like the position, but it had a starting wage $3/hr less than the job they already applied for (and had a firm offer). Elf said that they could go $1.50-2.00 an hour lower for the first 90 days, but they would want to get an assurance in writing that they would get the full wage after that time.


Yesterday they got an offer for the supervisor position at the same wage as the first position! They are excited to have a permanent, grown-up type job. Another good thing is that this position is mostly M-F with some overtime on weekends. The hours are days, usually starting at 10:30am. I hope it turns out to be as good at it looks.


The most recent update on the drama front was B and C trying to deal with C's ongoing medical issues. That was frustrating for everyone involved. It shows how stupid it is that we don't have a decent medical system in the US. C had two seizures while sitting in the waiting room at Urgent Care, and they still did not bring her in to be evaluated by a doctor over 8 hours of waiting. 😠


B starts a new job in another state at the beginning of August and has not found anywhere to live in the area. He may be sleeping in his car for the first week or two until he can find something.


Elf is changing to new meds that will hopefully manage their physical and mental health better and not cause weight gain. The downside is that they are sleepy all the time during the transition. As side effects go, that is not so bad. It might help Elf not be as stressed out by all the things going on with their sweeties.


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