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hi. Um im as new to writing topics as I am to being a rebel. I read the book halfway through then had to return it to my public library thats how i got introduced to the rebellion. I asked for it as a christmas present (yes my mom still asks what i want for christmas and yes im 27 lol) Anyways, got the book and have been struggling with life majorly. It literally feels like walking into a boss fight as a newbie whose barely picking up a controller for the first time.  My husband got a horrible life changing injury last week and is still recovering but it made me realize that im definitely not going to get to that dream life living like i currently am. So i picked up the book, began reading like a crazy person, and making all possible changes i can. Im still strulgging with making my quests list but i am here and its time to show up not only to the rebellion but to myself so i can stop just talking the talk and start walking the walk. That book isnt going to write itself just as much as the laundry doesnt do itself. As for my goals for my level 50 achievements, honestly im not sure. I am just winging it. I know my master quests but the smaller ones havent been figured out yet. Some of those master quests are :


publish a minimum of five books (ive barely written one book)

monetize my youtube channel to have multiple streams of income (ive been posting youtube videos on and off since last march) 

start my business (its been a dream of mine for the last 10 plus years) 

lose over 60 pounds (ive had three pregnancies but thats not a good excuse.....)

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Welcome!  Same with the level 50 thing for me.  The hard part for me is as I progress, the end goals keep shifting based on what I've learned along the way.   But also because I've never been much of a big picture goal sort of person, just the next one or two. So I figure I'll have a better idea of the final boss battle as I get closer since I don't even have all the tools and skills collected yet. 


Showing up and doing the task in front of you each and every day (rest day count as a task too) will gain you a lot of ground.  A five week challenge is just starting, if that sort of thing interests you.  It's a good place to pick a few small steps to work on toward the big stuff, and to give yourself a concrete written plan that might be a little more effective than just winging it and being crushed under overly ambitious steps.  Sounds like you have the right attitude and drive behind you. 


Here to cheer you on!

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