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Hi Everyone!


I was wondering if anybody had a good recommendation for an app/platform that I could use with friends to hold each other accountable to our weekly/monthly goals (e.g. steps or active calories)?


The issue we have is that we are not all using the same wearable, some use Fitbit and some Apple watch.  Also, it would be great if it wasn't about just running distance or just steps :)


Thanks,  T

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On 7/1/2021 at 9:49 AM, Taz99 said:

Thanks Tanktimus (Great Name btw).  I think I was just looking for a more advanced tool that we could sync our wearables with as opposed to a place to just post what you have done or just screen shots.  Do you know of anything?

Honestly all I can think is Myfitnesspal on allowing different steps. But I noticed over the years that most companies stay competitive by not making a user friendly page with all different types of gadgets. 


I could be wrong, but that's usually the reason I end up almost buying a gadget. 

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Thanks Fairly,  I found one app called Motion that seems like it does the job but it's also new (?),  I also tried Fitrock and magic mountain (calories only).  Motion seems the best one, but if you wanted something that was just for Steps, then I found one called Squads which is for steps challenges.  

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