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When knowing too much can hurt you. I need to restart somewhere but I feel at little bit at a loss

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Hi, I think my first post here was probably 10 years ago or so. 


When I joined the rebellion I was discovering new things and I thought I had everything was sorted out.

At the time Paleo was the new hot thing, and it seemed it was the solution to ALL problems 🙂

To be honest I was looking to be more healthy and lose weight and it worked like a charm.

In a way, I guess that not knowning enough about nutrition, science etc helped me. 


I started reading lot of books about nutrition, self improvement , fitness etc.


I thought  was doing the right things, I was in the holy war against gluten and modern food, showing how conventional wisdom was wrong etc,


Fast forward 10 years and I feel stuck. Not saying that Paleo was completely wrong. Eating eggs instead of fruit loops is better. But it was freeing to have a sort of guide, the ten steps to live healthy.


Maybe I have read too much, but now, in a way I feel confused. If I decide to go on calories restricted diet, I feel terrible after a week and I binge eat. If I go for Paleo/Primal/Keto/Carnivore/Younameit I know all the possible counterpoint to whatever I do and eat. Maybe is being stuck in a paradox of choices, I do not know.


I think a lot about placebo effects. At the time I was doing thing that I thought they were good for me, hence it worked. Now I do not have that.

For fitness is the same, if you say that you will fast before training, there are 100 studies that says it does not matter, but you will find  other people that will point out that there are other studies that says it works. Apparently calories matter but I fail inevitably at lowering them.


When I used to be down , I would find some book with a catchy title and read it. Now my critical sense will just destroy it. 


I do not know if it makes sense, but sometimes I just wish I was the kind of person that would beleive that 'the secret' is true and it is all about law of attractions, but honestly I cannot.


Guess what I am saying I am looking for a clean sheet, a respwan point and it is couple of years I am not finding it. 


Last month I reached the dreaded number of 100 kgs on my balance, and I know it is not muscles. While I managed to lower it down, still it was not the breaking point that starts a success story. 


Well any idea? Somebody has a MIB device that can allow me to forget stuff an live in ignorance again?


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Ah, the dilemma's of a nerd/😃 We love to research, and think infinitely about all the options. Which is great, but collecting underpants can lead to decision paralysis. A lot of it is learning to turn the inner brain weasel's voice down a notch. A book I've found helpful is Josh Hillis", Lean and Strong, Eating Skills, Psychology and Workout"  One of the things I learned from the book is that in our culture that is so diet heavy it is normal to have those kind of thoughts. And when I have them, I just need to  acknowledge that yes the thought, but I don't need to argue it in my head, or prove a point or feel guilty. I just need to carry on with the decisions that I have already made about my food.

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Hi, Midoriconcept!


I feel your post SO HARD!  It is not easy to have confidence in my choices these days with so much conflicting information about. I do the best I can, sure in the knowledge that I am getting it wrong somehow... (and not just in the realm of food, either!)


I don't have a MIB device (that would be ...helpful!!), but I do find that mindful eating -- focusing on what I am consuming and enjoying it to the fullest extent that I can in that moment -- is the closest that I come to that state of innocence, contentment and confidence I remember from childhood. I don't know if it will work for you, but you might find it worth a shot!


Best of luck from one overthinker to another!


Kay Lou



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