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Hello rebels and renegades,


I'm returning to the fight after a few years away. In that time, I started a few more battles - one with school (I'm in my last year of law school as of next month), one with work (started a great new job), one with geography (I moved, and am getting ready to move again), one with the pandemic, and some smaller ones with family (lots of loving but misguided situations). As a result of all of that, my health and fitness went down the drain. I gained almost 30 lb.


I'm back because I really need some help and motivation to get me on track. I know I'm unhealthy, and I also know I would like to fit my clothes again.


Since we're packing and I'm about to be back at school (and lol, I'm about to take a weeklong trip to see my coworkers), my options are limited to what's still usable in my house 2-3 days a week. I have a lightweight treadmill and good running shoes, lots of exercise clothes, some free weights, a yoga mat and blocks, and a rowing machine (that may not be available after next month).


Looking forward to getting back to a healthier lifestyle.


~*~ MadMadam a/k/a Layla ~*~


Half-Fae Aspiring Adventurer/Warrior/Ranger

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