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What is the best type of yoga?

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I've been doing some breathing excursuses letting my mind go blank but I've not got a clue on what to search for when it comes to names of techniques. SEND HELP. (FYI I just need to relax and try bring down my anxiety)

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If your goal is to bring down your anxiety by using breathing techniques, but meditation techniques may work better than yoga. Take a look at this thread, it may be of help.

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Some research in the process of yogic movements has shown that hatha, ashtanga, and jivamukti are among the most beneficial yoga types for increasing flexibility and improving overall health.


The best type of yoga is often determined by a few factors such as personality type, physical abilities, health goals, and so on. There's no one correct answer to which is "best" because each person will have a different response to what they find challenging and difficult. Consult with your doctor or registered nurse before attempting any form of exercise. From there you may be able to figure out an enjoyable type of yoga that will suit your personal needs most effectively.

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