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9 minutes ago, Shello said:

Do you think it's the actual drinking or is it the social aspect that contributes to anxiety?


That's a really good question - for me, I think it's the actual alcohol, not the social aspect. There was definitely extra socializing going on over the past week, but I'd say it was really only two days worth of socializing (Tu / Wed) and the anxiety is definitely higher than I've dealt with historically for two extra days of people. Secondly, I already got to be back to my routine by Thursday night, but the anxiety is still there (and I had social drinks Sat / Sun). There has definitely been more alcohol than I normally consume (in general, I would say I'm a 1 - 2 drinks a week person and I had multiple nights this week where I was at that level). 


Also, it's easier to eliminate the alcohol and see if that helps compared to the socializing. :) So worst case is I'm wrong and then I just need to figure out how to tell people I'm not hanging out with them anymore!

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I fell into a pit. I'm working my way up. 


I've been running regularly and have been seeing some improvement in my performance. I've also been really good about not having my phone on me at the dinner table and taking the time to hang out with the family. 


However, we got some pretty crappy news about cost increases resulting from our house being built. Right now, it's still on track, but we have to bring a lot of extra money to our closing and getting that amount is going to be difficult. This has been really stressful for both myself and my husband. We have a plan to get as close as possible, but might have to get an additional loan so that we can move in. 


I also got promoted. I found out in July, but really kept it under wraps until September, when the promotion went into effect. I found out what my new salary would be earlier this week along with what my bonus is. 

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Congrats on the promotion.  Hopefully that helps with the cost increase some too.   Will you travel just as much?  Have more responsibility?

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