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Week 3, Day 4:  Today was a bad day.  2 of the 4 competitions I had planned for the fall were canceled due to COVID.  And sadly, even though my state has high vaccination rates and mask compliance, the overall region to which I belong has the highest rates of COVID transmission in the country, so the regional championship is beginning to be in doubt as well.  Looks like another season lost.  In the big flick, of course this doesn’t matter a hill of beans, but I got my hopes up too high for a return to normalcy.


So yeah, I took a mental health day off from exercise, read some happy news stories, sampled my son’s candy bowl, etc.  Tomorrow I will see about getting back up on the figurative horse and trying some cardio intervals, for the mental health benefits if nothing else.



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Week 3, Days 5+6: I am doing a fabulous job with hydration, if I do say so myself. 🙂


On Thursday I got in 30 minutes on the stationary bike, including two moderate-to-fast paced 8 minute intervals.  I carefully visualized my dance routines while pedaling, hoping that some of the breathing work I am doing during cardio sessions will translate over.


On Friday, my trainer was on vacation, so I had to design my own workout. The first group seemed pretty good, but the second was terrible because my gym doesn't have enough variety in weights, so I had to use weights that were too heavy.


Group 1, 3 sets

Deadlift, 40lbs, x8

Overhead press, 10lbs each hand, x10

Side plank 30sec each side


Group 2, 3 sets

Goblet squat, 40lbs, x6

Bicep curls, 10 lbs each hand, x8

Deadbug, 10 lbs each hand, x10


Oh, and after I nearly dropped the weights last week due to sweaty hands, I went out and bought lifting gloves, and they are so darn helpful!!!


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Week 4, Days 1-3:  Sorry all, it's been a little busy and I haven't had a chance to post lately.  I've been feeling rather unmotivated with the knowledge that there will be few competitive chances this fall.  I took a few "rest" days to chase my kids around and do laundry and stuff.  Yesterday was dance class, and I need to be positive, so here's what I did well...also, I'm going to start including youtube links for certain movements so you know what I am talking about, hopefully they work:


Hardshoe:  I did a decent job remembering my steps, did 2 treble jig steps and 1.5 hornpipe steps in a row while masked and didn't die, still have good extension in click-throughs.

Softshoe:  good cross on the turn-2-3s, releves are starting to creep back in, rocks were surprisingly good at times (I'm terrible at rocks...), tendons hurt pretty good after class but not excruciating.


Overall I'd say it wasn't a great class, I just wasn't feeling super into it, and we worked on slices for forever and they hurt my tendons and I'm kind of bad at them.  (Yes, I just shared a Michael Flatley video...FYI we all think Flatley is really cheesy and annoying but he's a big name so yeah.)  It's weird...in softshoe I can kick up above my head, but slices never get above about waist level on me.   I have no idea why.


Today I was feeling super unmotivated, so I sat on the couch watching tv and eating Starburst.  Super awesome fitness, yes.  But I borrowed this weird foam pad thing from a friend that is supposed to magically strengthen your feet, so I eventually got up and tried it out, and HOLY COW every little teeny muscle in my feet feels like it's been through a massive workout.  This thing works!!!  Now I have to figure out how to add it to my strengthening routine...and how often. 

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Week 4, Days 4-5:  Hydration fell a little by the wayside as I had an ultra busy day.  Fitness too, but yesterday I went to my niece’s pool party, and swimming around after a passel of young children counts as exercise, correct?


Today I worked on developing a foot-ankle-calf strengthening routine.  Stair releves with the band, around-the-world on the BOSU, and releves on the ToePro.  Stair releves are still pretty painful, so I’m taking it easy on those for now.  I’m going to try to get in 3 days a week and see how that feels.

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Week 4, Days 6-7:


*Did much better with hydration these past few days.


*Day 6 fitness was the annual lab cleanout, lots of lifting heavy boxes etc, so I didn't get in a workout, but I'm okay with that.


*Today I worked out with my trainer at home.  I'm excited because I found my husband's old barbell that he used when he did lifting some years ago, so I felt kind of legit warrior-y.  But also my husband fell back asleep and my kids found me in the middle of the workout, so we didn't get in as many exercises as I would have liked.  However, adding "grab block from toddler and throw it across the room for him to fetch" to several sets of Group 2 added some definite difficulty!


Group 1, 3 Sets:

Deadlifts, barbell, 40lbs, x8

Waiter Press, 10 lbs, x10 each side


Group 2, 3 Sets:

Weighted bridges, barbell, 40lbs, x8  (ouch these hurt)

Lawnmower rows, heavy band, x10 each side


Group 3, 3 Sets:

Stair releves, heavy band, x8 right side x6 left side


Group 3 was a little messy because we were almost out of time and because stair releves still hurt my Achilles, especially on the left.  So we had to cut out the core exercise we would have added and just do the releves.  The last set I managed to get 8 in on the left side though.  For my next challenge, I will definitely have stretching as one of my goals to keep my Achilles from melting again.

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Week 5, All the days!  Sorry all, I haven’t been feeling it this week.  More dance competitions canceled, more Achilles pain, and ragweed allergy making me a grouchy mess.  But in the interests of finishing the challenge, I will post about the best days:


*Monday dance class:  class didn’t go great in my opinion, but I have to start with the positive!  I carpooled with a buddy and after class I told her one good thing about her dancing that I noticed and asked her to reciprocate.  My positive about me was that I did a decent job when we drilled drums (think very fast taps using the tips and heels of both shoes while twisting at the ankle).  My friend said that she admired my slices and click-throughs because my legs are  extended and my feet are always beautifully pointed giving me a long elegant line.  That was really nice to hear. :)  Oh, and in the last 5 minutes of class the teacher said he was inspired by some choreography that I had been messing around with and decided to teach everyone grasshopper jumps, which I’m the only one who knows how to do (if not do well…). I can’t find a video, but imagine a full tuck jump, kicking one leg down, and then switching to the other leg down and landing on one foot.  So it was fun trying to teach everyone.  Now I just need to get over this lingering Achilles thing and figure out how not to suffocate in a mask.


*I’ve been working the ToePro hard and I can now get in at least 3 sets of 25 releves before exhaustion.  In the later sets I’m noticing my lower leg and ankle muscles working hard to stabilize as the foam resists my movement and my feet start tiring.  This is a great foot workout!!!


*Decent workout with the trainer on Friday. I told him I was tired, sore, and grouchy, so I wanted a tough workout, and he obliged.  Also, it took us about 5 minutes to figure out how to get the barbell on and off my shoulders safely without a spotter or squishing my cat who really wanted some attention right then.


Group 1, 3 sets

Barbell Squats, 40 lbs, x8   (ooowwwwwww…)

Waiter presses lying flat, 10lbs, x10 each hand


Group 2, 3 sets

Single-leg deadlift, body weight, x6 each side

Overhead rows, medium band, x10


Group 3, 3 sets

Single leg releves, heavy band, x8 each side

Press outs, heavy then medium band, x10 each side

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So it's been a minute, and I don't want to post a new challenge thread in the last week of a challenge, so I'm just posting some updates here just for fun.


It's been a ROUGH month:  both kids have been sick, giving illness to each other, and there were like 3 weeks where there was at least one kid home from school.  So my work life went to heck, my ability to practice dance went to heck, and basically everything went to heck.  Also my older son has been really struggling at school because of some policies that just didn't work for him, so we're switching schools starting next week and we had all that to deal with.  Oh, and I'm taking a night class to learn a new programming language.  Oh and my dance school announced it is closing at the end of the year.  So yeah, no free time whatsoever and I've been just dying.


But the good news is, my kids are healthy and back at school, I presented a bunch of data at work yesterday and got a great response, I passed the next set of grade level dance exams last weekend, and my programming class only has one week left (and I currently have an A).  Oh, and as covid is back in retreat in my immediate area, there are 3 dance competitions scheduled before the championships, so I get to try to compete!  It might be a disaster because my fitness level has gone to heck (see above) and my dance studio can only offer one practice a week, but I've got a chance to at least participate in something fun just for me.


In other fun news, my trainer and I worked on the "clean" this morning, which was new and interesting.  He told me that it's always nice to find a rogue who can tank a baddie or two or a warrior who can occasionally dodge and roll, so he's glad that I am multiclassing with him.  I'm so glad I hired a fitness trainer who is also a DM.  :D  I'll be back for the next challenge for some more dancing fun, see you in a week!

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On 10/8/2021 at 11:27 PM, RvndellMK said:

I'm so glad I hired a fitness trainer who is also a DM

That is too awesome for words :) 


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