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Cannonfury Aug 2-September 4 Challenge

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I have struggled for years with depression, lack of self esteem, and lack of motivation but I am ready! I actually have exercised 3 days already! I have to exercise & focus even on days I feel really down..etc.


Age: 34

Height: 5'1

Weight: 192


My main goal for this 5 weeks is to lose 10 lbs


My ultimate goal is to be healthy, but also there is a walking track near me..I would like to be able to run around it without losing my breath. 


I am a little bummed that on Saturday and Sunday   I exercised (30 min each on the bike) but today I weigh 192 lbs, I weight 189 yesterday morning. Though I did eat an hour before I weighed. 


1. Exercise bicycle - 30 minutes per day. I have a stationary bicycle, I have always intended to "walk" for exercise but I always got sidetracked by either the weather (way too hot or way too cold), motivation, and how bad I feel. When I walk, my lower back hurts. The stationary bike is much better!


2. Box steps. I have a box which is 5 inches high, I plan to do steps. 20 steps per starting leg. Meaning I will start my ascension with my right foot 100 times, then start on the left 100. 


3. Drink 20 oz of water a day. Since I am short, I want to first see how my body reacts to 20 oz a day. If I feel I need more I'll add later. I plan to try and cut out cokes during the week and have 2-3 on the weekends.  My other favorite drinks are 2% milk and sweet tea. 


4. Food log

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Today I weighed 193 lbs and I also measured my waist which is 48 inches around. I am not sure if riding on the stationary bike will put any muscle on my legs eventually. 


1. I biked on  the stationary bike for 30 minutes, hopefully as the days go by it gets easier.


2. I drank 20 oz of water before my bike ride.


3. I did 40 total box steps.


4. Food: I probably ate a bit much today but that was due to my mood, felt bad...but I did not let my feeling bad prevent me from exercising.


20 oz water


Grilled chicken fingers with grilled peppers, onions, & tomatoes with one slice of bread.


A small bowl of rice and eggplant with plain yogurt


20 oz 2% milk


two chocolate chips ahoy cookies. 


2 scoops chocolate ice cream


a banana with peanut butter


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1. rode stationary bike for 30 minutes.


2. I drank 20 oz of water


3. no box steps, but I did do some more garden work today


4.Food, I did not eat good today but.. I am glad I did still do the 30 minutes of exercising. After exercising I always feel like I am starving.. and very thirsty.


Grilled chicken sandwich, fries, with some hot sauce. 28 oz sweet tea


Rice, tomato slices, fried okra, fried eggplant, with the 20 oz water


16 oz 2% milk


3 scoops Mayfield chocolate ice-cream


peanut butter, jelly, banana sandwich 



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