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Epsilonte - back to school

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Summer is over! School starts up again (actually already did on Monday). I'm filled with good intentions and motivations, we'll see how long this holds. xD It's the start of my second year out of three, I'm really excited. :)


Since my days are already quite full with school, work and teaching pole (as long as we are allowed to, I don't have my hopes up for winter...), I want to keep the challenge light and easy. Biggest goal is to do SOMETHING for the challenge, since the last few were quie a disaster, challenge wise (but awesome and fun life wise. xD).


So my goals are:

  • do the recommended 150 mins of training a week (as judged by my smart watch, since I need to have my heart rate high enough for a long enough time for it to count). Doesn't matter HOW I achieve this - pole? gym? running? conjugal duties? all fine. :) (Bellydancing as well, though that rarely bumps my heart rate up high enough).
  • eat more veggies! I had waaaaay too much meat in the last weeks and want to be a bit more plant based for this challenge. Finishing up what I have at home right now (i.e. some sefmade pizza and stuff) is fine, but I'll try to choose the veggie option when eating out and won't buy any more meaty stuff for this challenge. 
  • get enough sleep - that means going to bed at a time, that makes it possible, to get 8 hours of sleep (don't have a fixed time since I'm not getting up at the same time each day)


That's it. Other that that it's just surviving daily life. xD 


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2 hours ago, Survivor said:

Sounds like a great set of goals - flexible enough to work around what sounds like a busy schedule! 

That's the plan. :D We will see if I manage to stick to it this time... xD




Btw, update so far:

I had my first pole class after two months off on Monday. It killed me. Which is very embarrassing, if you're the teacher... xD Went to the gym afterwards to help with my dormant muscles... Now I'm still sore, but I have 43 activity minutes so far and hope to add some more tonight, when I'll be at the gym again. :) I also plan to do some pole at home before gym (the mister wants to do cardio today and I don't like to lift weights alone there, so I'll need to do the heavy lifting (aka lifting myself :D ) at home). Next pole classes are on Saturday, I hope to already notice a slight difference until then (or rahter: I have to. Saturday I have two classes, on Monday it was just one xD). Usually it doesn't take too much time to gain the strength back after a break...

Sleep: I didn't really think about this the last two days since I haven't written it down until today, but my watch says I slept 7:49 this night and slightly over 8h last night, I'll take that. :D 

Eating: Just finishing what I have at home, so nothing really special there yet. :)

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4 hours ago, deftona said:


Welcome! ❤️ 


2 hours ago, Mad Hatter said:

Yay for getting back on the pole and other awesomeness!

 Yaaaay pole. :D



I did pole today. ❤️ Killed me. Then went to the gym to run on the crosstrainer for an hour. It's almost fun with some good music... 

Updated Minutes: 127. 😎 


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Thursday was filled with real life school and one bellydancing class in the evening. No added minutes, but I managed to make the whole day vegetarian. :D Brought some delicious bread with butter and cheese with me, as well as tons of paprika, some tomatoes and an apple. And two cookies. :P Dinner consisted of Apfelschmarrn (I don't find a translation for this, it's kinda like a big fluffy pancake thingie with apples) without the apple, since I didn't have any anymore. xD Counts. And was delicious. 


Today: School all day, gym in the evening. Another veggie day, wheee. And I'm done with my minutes, I'm at 158 now. :)  And I'm curious to see if my pole classes tomorrow will add to that number, though I doubt it. 


So far, zero week this challenge is more successfull than the last three challenges combined. xD

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1 hour ago, WhiteGhost said:

So.... Chmarrn???




Would 100% watch a cooking show where Alton Brown told ten people to go home and cook a schmarrn, with no context, and then rated whatever they came back with.


I'd expect at least two poultry versions. "Uh, my butcher didn't have schmarrn, or partridge, so I used chicken?"

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I felt like I could run forever, like I could smell the wind and feel the grass under my feet, and just run forever.

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Saturday: I learned that teaching two pole classes in a row don't make my activity minutes go up. I think I need to up my warmup game. :P (Nah it's fine the way it is). 

So getting those 150 mins a week will be a real challenge in the next weeks... 


Sunday: Spent the morning cleaning everything and the afternoon playing DnD. We got some delicious veggie burgers (mini burgers, so 4 per peron) with different burger patties for trying out new recipes and all of them tasted great.

We're still Level 1 in DnD, just started, and almost wiped without even fighting anyone, just from one stupid trap... xD but we managed to survive and are level 2 now, so let's hope for the best. :D I'm playing a bard and really enjoying it.

The mister and I got some really pretty metal dice for our wedding, so we tried them out today for the first time. Love them, even though they almost killed us. Ok, I almost killed us because I wanted to see what happens if I play around with that trap... :D 


Stats of the week:

Activity minutes; 158/150

Sleep (average): 8h 8 mins /8h

Veggie days: 4/7. 


Pretty good for week 0. Now I just need to keep it up. :D  

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7 hours ago, Epsilonte said:

the afternoon playing DnD.

Are you guys playing a premade module or something the DM came up with?


Intro Thread   Challenge Log   Bodyweight Exercise Library   Recipe Book   Shuffle Club 


Level 2 Ninja

Strength: 13 Intelligence: 14 Wisdom: 6 Dexterity:14 Constitution: 12 Charisma: 11


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3 hours ago, MezzotheLefty said:

Found you and following! :) Solid week zero!


Does Mr. Epsilonte (Viking, right?) play DnD too?


Yay welcome! Btw there are some wedding pictures in the old challenge, if you wanna see. :)

He does!! :) I started playing DnD and stuff years ago, but lost my usual group and didn't play for ages... Last year we adopted our kitties and their old hoomans turned out to be super awesome roleplaying nerds, so we started playing together. :D This also has the added bonus that they get to see the cats from time to time. :D 

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Oh, challenge update: Not much challengerelated happened today. 

Got over 9 hours of sleep (nice! :D ), but no activity minutes despite teaching two classes, one of them was even a choreo class, where I'm a lot more active than usual... Ah well. Maybe I need to actually track this with the watch for it to count? I'll try that on Saturday when I have my next pole classes. Also no veggie day, I had the last Pizza Hawaii (selfmade and awesome. Yeah I didn't believe that either before I tried it, but it actually tastes really nice. xD My Italian ancstors are probably rotating in their graves now...) for lunch and that includes a bit of ham... But it was "something already there that needed eating" so it's fine. :P 

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3 hours ago, Mad Hatter said:

I know it's not what you're after, but it's a great sign of basic fitness that your active classes are that easy for you. :) 

I knooooow, but I need those precious minutes... :D :D Nah, I'll try a bit of freestyling after my next classes, maybe that will be enough, if the song is fast enough... 

Even made it my school goal for this semester (we have to pick three "SMART" goals each semester), so there will be a lot of cardio in the weeks to come... xD



Yesterday nothing much happened (had a very seemingly boring day from 8 to 18:30 sitting in front of the PC either working or doing online lectures... Need to take more breaks on days like these, my head was dead by the end of it... Took a walk in the evening which made everything well again. :D At least it was a veggie day. :) Had another two zoom sessions after the walk, but those were for fun, so it was fine. :D 


Today was better - basically the same as yesterday but with a little break here or there. Went to the gym in the evening, did an hour of cardio and since intense minutes are double minutes I'm at 127 mins for this week. Whew. May be doable. Another veggie day as well. AND I'm done with work for this week (well apart from teaching pole on saturday, but that's not really work :D ), so the next two days should be a bit less brainwrecking. :) 

I might have overdone it this semester with work and school because school really picked up pace... We will see. :) 

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8 minutes ago, Mad Hatter said:

Did you have a nice weekend? :) 

 Hehe, I just wanted to write an update. :) 


The rest of the week plus weekend was really nice. On Thursday I did a bellydancing class, on Friday I was tired and played Guildwars all evening. Saturday: 2 Pole classes, more Guildwars. Sunday: a photoshooting (very fun! :D ), some Guildwars. We wanted to go to the gym in the evening, but decided to watch the better part of the new season of "Sex education". So I didn't finish my minutes last week... (but the evening was awesome and much wine was drunk xD)

Failed in the second week... xD I'll try and add the last 23 minutes this week to make up for it. But this week doesn't look much better time wise than last... 


Did my two pole classes today and now I'm dead... Still doesn't add any minutes though. Sigh. I even tried running for a bit during the warm up... xD Might maybe add SOME time for the classes in the next weeks, even though the watch doesn't count them (I think it's since I always forget to officially track them). Maybe 5-10 mins per class? 

Way back when I got the watch in January, I did mostly stretching and pole at home and still managed to finish the 150 mins by Tuesday most weeks. xD 

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Oh, forgot to post my stats for last week:


Activity minutes: 127/150

Sleep average: 7h 43min/8h

Veggie days: I think 7/7, but not the best food in total. I are a LOT of bread with cheese, due to having no time to cook or eat anything real. xD


We got a rive cooker on Saturday, so we've been eating rice with various veggies (curry and some stuff with soja sauce and the like) ever since. The mister took a vow to cook healtier meals, since we both could use a bit  better nutrition. And so far he did. It' really nice to come home after a long day and get a freshly cooked meal... ^^ He was always the one to cook a lot more in our relationship, he's just taking it a bit more seriously now. I love it. :D

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