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I slept in again (actually planned to get up early and study, but that didn't happen...). Then went to brunch with friends (again... :D I have three different friends groups that like brunching, so.... xD). Which was really nice, we ate SO MUCH. It was a "table brunch", so they just bring tons of food to your table, that's all yours to share. Very tasty. I didn't stick to my self imposed veggie rule. I'm fine with that. :D 

Afterwards I went to teach some pole classes... It is NOT a great idea to stuff your face with awesome food right before teaching pole, and spinning pole at that (spinning was the second class. Which saved me.) ... xD First classes warm up almost killed me (who thought that lieing on your belly doing supermans was a good idea? Oh. I did. Whelp... xD), but it got a lot better after that. :) And I almost felt like a human (and not pregnant with a food baby) again after the two classes. Of course I forgot to track once again, but somehow still added some minutes? (I'm confused by this watch, usually it doesn't count anything as an active minute if I don't actively track it as an activity... Maybe the warm up after eating too much was enough to push me over some kind of invisible heart rate barrier... ^^). 

I stayed for a while after class and freestyled to two songs on spinny pole (have a few snippets on my insta story). That felt so nice! I'm slowly gaining my old pre-plague strength again and it finally is FUN again to just dance, and not an endless struggle with a bit of fun on top... now I'm thinking of going back to try to achieve my original 2020-goal: get back to my 2016 strength level - right around the time when I started teaching I was at my strongest because I didn't do much else than poledancing all day every day (ok more like around 1-2 classes 3-4 times a week xD) and I kinda miss that. Also there are a lot of higher level tricks that I haven't done in years that I kinda want to try again... So I plan to take a few higher level classes when I get the chance to. 


After pole I finally did study a bit and then played some guildwars. :) Oh and I tried the veggie salami on pizza, it tastes great! Will definitely keep that. :) 


So, challenge resumee:

Sleep: fine on the weekends, not so good during the week... It's not always possible to actually get 8 hours, especially if I have late dance classes and need to be physically at school early in the next morning... But overall it wasn't too bad. Failed my challenge goal, but slept more than I would have without the challenge, so I call this one a win. :)

Active minutes: Total win. I didn't officially get them the second week (but wasn't tracking pole and bellydancing there, so probably got them and made up for it the following week), but that's fine. Win again. :D 

Food: pretty good as well! Apart from eating up all the meaty stuff we had at home (which was allowed in the challenge), I just had two days over the course of the challenge where I didn't think about this - my two brunches. And we tried a few new things to eat, that were overall healthier than our usual stuff, which helped to cut back on sweets, which is a nice little side effect. The new fancy rice cooker helped a lot there as well. 


Overall I'm really happy with how this challenge went. Life was rather stressfull in the past weeks, but the challenge helped somewhat to keep me grounded (well fed, happily dancing and sleeping enough-ish :D ).  Since the next weeks won't look any better, I'll probably keep doing this for next challenge. Maybe with slightly tweaked numbers, but overall more of the same. With a sprinkle of even more (hopefully high level) pole on top. :D

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