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Maigs Hangs out in the Battle Logs

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I'm going to try hanging out here for a bit. 



Maigs - 35F desk jockey

Hubs - 36M skilled technician

Kittens - 7M&F cats

Farmhouse - 100 year old farmhouse we bought last fall that is getting lots of work done do it over the next few years



I've been hanging around NF for probably 6 years now. I started my health and fitness journey in 2012 at a bit over 220lbs, got down to ~160lbs in 2016 and stayed there until early 2020 when COVID and back-to-back tax seasons from hell hit and I ate all of my delicious frustrations and got back over 200lbs. As of today I am right at 200 which puts me a hair under "obese" by BMI standards. 



I really got into mudruns/OCRs a while back, but I really hate running. So when COVID put a stop to the events I decided I'm probably done with them in general other than the occasional one for fun. I'm at a HIIT kickboxing gym now and love it. I also want to be strong so I'm trying to incorporate more strength work. 



I'm vegetarian who prefers cooking from home most of the time. When I'm not working tax season hours this means I usually eat pretty healthy stuff. I have a weakness for chocolate and Dr Pepper which flairs up when I'm stressed. And when I'm working long hours I have no spoons left to cook and Hubs isn't a willing enough cook to take over completely when that happens so we tend to get take out or convenience foods. 




Visible arm muscles

Not addicted to caffeine

Not awful food choices when stressed

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Current Plan:

At the beginning of September I started tracking my daily weight, calories, steps, energy drinks, and whether or not I did my hip rehab* or exercises. I'm calculating weekly averages of weight, calories, and steps to see what my trends are. My only goals that I'm trying to hit are 1800-2300 calories (2300 is TDEE without exercise) and 2 energy drinks a day during the week and 1 on weekends (I went down to 2 a day a few months ago and this week and started cutting out the second one on weekends). I want exercise to happen but for now it's not a specific goal. 


*I've been having issues with my hip that I started seeing a PT for a few months ago. It's getting better and I may technically graduate from PT soon, but need  to keep up on my rehab to make sure it stays better

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Here to provide a wide variety of poke memes on the rare occasion that I am also not ghosting!!  

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“And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.” John Steinbeck

“Do I dare disturb the universe?” – T.S. Eliot

“You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.” – Toni Morrison

"All we have to do is decide what to do with the time given to us" JRR Tolkien


Human Bard: CON 2, WIS 5, INT 1, CHA 2


Current Challenge: Nova Levels Up (and maybe doesn't abandon a challenge...)

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Sept 1 - Sept 4


Average weight: 201.7

Average calories: 1905

Average Steps: 5668

Hip rehab: 2 times

Exercise: 3 times


Sept 5 - Sept 1


Average weight: 200.3

Average calories: 1901

Average Steps: 3742

Hip rehab: 2 times

Exercise: none


Food was good and weight responded appropriately. I worked over 60 hours so not much else happened. Luckily this round of craziness at work is done so I can go back to my 25 hours weeks and have time/energy to workout

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