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Naxius Drinks Potions In Moderation: Sober(ish) September/October.

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A challenge thread to go with the "Sober(ish) September" theme I've got going in the NF Prime Facebook group, because extra accountability can't hurt. I'll mainly be copy/pasting the logs I post on the FB page in here for the sake of efficiency.


Also, because I noticed I've fucking gained 10 pounds over the summer, the following goals have been added, in addition to the whole "don't have alcohol except on Saturdays" goal:


- Workout (6x/week)

- 150g of protein

- 2300cal max

- Sleep 7-8h

- Cold shower


I know this seems like a lot, but all these goals are things I've either done consistently in the past and/or am almost doing consistently now. It turns out that these things can all be done consistently a lot more easily if I don't get wasted on wine daily. Who would have thought!


Today will probably be a shit show because I have things to do back to back to back to back to back and the only time I'll have to do my workout is between 6 and 7 tonight. If anything happens to derail this I'm going to be fucking pissed, and then do my workout at 10 PM but angrily. Tuesday is similar. If I can get through these two days, the rest of the week will be a breeze.

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Monday Sept 13:

- Workout: Yes.

- 150g of protein: Yes.

- 2300cal max: 2344 cal. Oooop.

- Sleep 7-8h: No (Sunday-Monday overnight)

- Cold shower: Yes.


Tuesday Sept 14: 

- Workout: Yes (not my assigned workout, but still worked out).

- 150g of protein: Yes.

- 2300cal max: 2249 cal.

- Sleep 7-8h: Yes.

- Cold shower: No.


Both days involved zero alcohol \o/ I think I lost one pound already, even though it's only been two days. If I add up the additional red wine calories and also the calories from additional drunken snacking then...yeah, that's probably over 3400 calories over the span of two days that I did not have. Wow.

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Wednesday September 15:

- Workout: Yes.

- 150g protein: Yes.

- 2300cal max: 2032 cal.

- Sleep 7-8h: Yes.

- Cold shower: Yes (was only like 20 seconds but w/e.


Temptation to have booze was really freaking high last night because I crushed all my goals and the "I've earned it!" feeling was pretty strong. But alcohol tends to result in me playing video games until the early AM hours, and tomorrow-me would have been fucking pissed at only getting 4 or 5h of sleep after having gotten >7h for the three previous days.

Now I get to do the same thing tonight 😐 

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