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Ugh. (That's all I got. Just "Ugh".)

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(Sorry for the uncreative title, but I don't have it in me today.)


It has been a whirlwind (I think I'm spelling that right) of mayhem since my last challenge, especially this month with the publishing of my first book 🤭 and mental health-related family situations 😭 . My goals for this challenge are simple:


1) Get through the next 3-4 weeks without harming myself. I'm doing a sleep routine starting today...hopefully (it's hard to say, I have a lot of anime to watch tonight)...and will reward myself if I get a certain number of points through my tracking system. Maybe a 3D puzzle. Or maybe a Lite Brite. I loved the one I had when I was a kid, and I miss it. 


2) I have signed up for a diabetes prevention program. My blood sugar has been high for years, and even though I've cut out all juice and soda out of my life, my doctor keeps saying not to drink them and it'll be fine. Then I do a blood test and he tells me it's "still high" (without giving me the actual number) and that I should stop drinking juice and soda when I already don't drink either. My first interview with my coach is tomorrow. I'm basically just going to do whatever she tells me. Might create a point system for that too. 


3) Stand up to my family doctor about the fact that I can't breathe after one minute of more-than-moderate exercise and figure out what is going on. I've had this issue since I was a teenager. I know he's going to say it's because I'm overweight and just need to push through it and build up stamina. I've lost twenty pounds over the past two years and this has been a problem throughout that time. It's not my f**king weight, Doc. 


If I can do at least two out of the three, I'm throwing myself a freaking party and whoever reads this, consider yourself invited. Sorry for all the ranting. I'm just done with feeling like crap and being told I deserve to feel like crap.


Thank you for listening to my TED Talk. 

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