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Akari needs a new job


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Hi I'm Akari, a 30 years old single mom of a two-year old boy. Lately I am often frustrated. My little one is ill again. That's the fourth time in six weeks and some colleagues at work make stupid comments about it. The tome when I am at work is awful: I sit around and count the hours because there is nothing to do. That's why I finally came to the conclusion that I need a new job. After procrastinating already for three days I started to write an application for an interesting job, but i didn't finish it. The old anxiety is back with all its nastiness. I feel sick. My mind plays tricks at me, because I am afraid that people could reject me or call me incompetent. But on the other hand it can only become better. Sitting around while doing nothing is not my dreamjob. Tomorrow I'll write that application and send it. Btw English is required for this job. What do you guys think about mine? Fortunately you guys don't need to listen to my broken th. 

Was wäre das Leben, hätten wir nicht den Mut, etwas zu riskieren. Vincent van Goch

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First day at work after three days home with my ill son. Until Lunch it was okay, then the secretary of my boss called me. She wanted something from me. I tried to explain her where she can find it but she refused to listen and screamed at me. "You have obviously enough time to print me that" She never had never before screamed at me, so I was shocked. When I gave her the document I tried to talk to her but she refused to calm down again. I went to my supervisor and told him. He said, that she got screamed at a moment befor by the boss and now she passed it on to me. This woman works at least 30 years for the company and still isnt able to handle the pc. Next time I'll  gonna tell her: You are an experienced employee, I'm sure you can handle it on your own. Unfortunatly I'm busy."


I send another job  application. Didn't even feel difficlt.

Was wäre das Leben, hätten wir nicht den Mut, etwas zu riskieren. Vincent van Goch

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