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TGP; maybe not so much the rebel anymore...

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Hey guys!  I'm back err sort of.


there's lot of differences in my life since I was active here.  I had a real BIG and serious push into exercise and you guys were part of that story.


welp, now I've tackled something even harder and I'm sure that exercise is the passion (or can be) that it once was.  Reality is that I prolly just don't have time to train for marathons and work on eventually possibly become a serious artist.


I thought of explaining this all in a new five week thing; when that ocmes.  but maybe its best said here!


and some of it seems personal and I'm not sure how much people want to know;


but there's a SOLID reason imho to really work towards becoming an artist in the next err 10-15 years.  as a chemist in an oil refinery- I just, err, WORRY about the long term security of a job such as mine.


and i'm so Rooted to where I am , and OLD. it would be really, REALLY hard to chase some chemist job halfway across america as Technology brings in Electric cars and wipes away my job


and welp; lets be honest. I really HATE my job.  not sine my first Sh!tty job have I had a job that I hate as much as this one.

welp, times up.


lets get to know each otheragain.

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the "NEW" normal is good with me! as Life was Never really Normal anyways....


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Hey TGP! Nice to have you (back). Moving your art from hobby to profession will be super exciting and a little scary! I'll be so interested to watch you making that happen!

You can be as personal or impersonal as you like on your challenge. Pretty sure the unofficial second name of this website is NerdTherapyWithGoodAnd/OrBadAdviceFromInternetStrangers.com

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Let cheese and oxen and mead crowd out our secret desires for power and domination - Harriet the viking

Just be bold, fluid and unapologetic, not small, hairy and indecisive - Harriet the artist

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Thank you, I feel welcomed. 


regarding what kind of artist I am.  very much traditional;  though I've tried several things like drawing and colored pencils., I really working hard on painting.  I think one of my better paintings might be this:



but i'm trying to be brave and do lots of different subjects

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the "NEW" normal is good with me! as Life was Never really Normal anyways....


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Welcome back! I probably share too much in my challenges but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

I do paintings of peoples pets as my super lazy side hustle! How exciting that you are thinking of going full time. I eventually would love to do that but I’m very comfortable with my web developer salary and stability 😂 I also don’t hate it. 

I would love to follow your journey (fitness and art) 

{Chase the wind and touch the sky; I will fly}


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