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The Rangers' Keep

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A small half-elf, looking happier and rosier than the last time she was here several months ago, slips shyly into a booth near the wall and grins when a steaming caramel latte heavy with cream appears in front of her seconds later. "Thought you'd forget about me, or at least forget my order," she grins at the barkeep.


He winks. "I never forget a Ranger, you know that."




Heyyo frendos!! I'm still figuring out ALL the scheduling things after getting married this fall and I am a lot less consistent about a lot of things than I used to be.  :)  So rather than try to keep up with a challenge, I have instead started a less structured battle log:




Please come and hang out with me there if you don't see me on the challenge boards!  :D 

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Nova walks in through the door, happy to be back home after a few months of studying a horde of Tee Nagers.  She had never seen a group like she had on this last expedition.  While, historically, Tee Nagers were inquisitive, intelligent, and silly (albeit a bit standoffish at times), these Tee Nagers had been more rowdy and anxious and resisted her attempts to communicate with them.  She figured the plague was to account for this, as she hadn't been able to do consistent field work for a few years.


She takes out her field notebook at the bar, quietly reviewing her notes from the last few expeditions, scribbling in the margins, and wondering how to improve for the next one.  


A cup of coffee is set down next to her, and the barkeep gently closes her notebook and places a hardcover book Anxious People, by Fredrik Backman next to her coffee.


"Don't you Tee Nage Scholars ever take a break?" He asked. "All your friends are here relaxing.  You should try it."


She smiles, "I know.  But I'm back in the field soon, and after what I just saw out there, I need to be prepared."


He takes her notebook and puts it behind the bar.  "Have a drink, read your book, go talk to some adults.  You can have this back after New Years"


She grabs her coffee and her book, and sticks her tongue out at the barkeep before finding a seat in front of the fire and settling in.

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“And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.” John Steinbeck

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"All we have to do is decide what to do with the time given to us" JRR Tolkien


Human Bard: CON 2, WIS 5, INT 1, CHA 2


Current Challenge: Nova Levels Up (and maybe doesn't abandon a challenge...)

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