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Alejandra's 2022: The First Challenge


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Hi everyone! Let's do this. 


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I always want to start the year strong with a million goals, but I'll be focusing on just a few areas of my life this time. I also just finished re-reading Atomic Habits by James Clear, so I will implement a few of the "how to create a good habit" tips and see if they work for me. 


1. 🤸‍♀️ Build a consistent exercise routine: get moving 3x a week

This can mean going to the gym or doing a few youtube videos at home. I just need to get my body moving in some way.

  • Make it obvious: on days I work from home, I will do a youtube video workout in my room as soon as I wake up. On days I go into the office, I will head to the gym with my coworkers after I close my laptop for the day (If no one else wants to go, I'll head home and do a youtube video workout instead since we carpool) 
  • Make it attractive: I will only watch an episode of the Good Place after working out (home workout) or while doing cardio (gym)
  • Make it easy: I will lay out my workout clothes and pull out my mat the night before if working from home. If I'm going to the office, I will prepare my gym bag the night before
  • Make it satisfying: I will color in another day in my habit tracker once I finish. Don't break the chain!


2. 🥗 Clean up my eating: meal plan + meal prepping on the weekends

I have a consultation with a dietitian in early January, so I hope this can help me have some direction. But in the meantime, youtube meal planning videos will keep me going!

Just for context, I'm a vegetarian living with an omnivore boyfriend, and we take turns cooking. So, we typically cook a vegetarian base meal and then add the protein separately. He's not a big fan of lentils and tofu, the madman >:/ (He eats it, but that typically isn't the main protein for his meals)

  • Make it obvious: after my groceries arrive, I will meal prep at least 2 days worth of meals
  • Make it attractive: for every home cooked meal I eat, I will put aside $10 pesos and at the end of the challenge I will treat myself to new books or workout gear with the money I saved
  • Make it easy: I will look up (or ask the dietitian to provide me with) vegetarian meal plans that are easily adapted for my boyfriend.
  • Make it satisfying: I will color in another $10 in my tracker after eating a home cooked meal


3. 🏡 Find a new apartment and move (hopefully?)

This isn't really  something I can tackle with the Atomic habits approach, so we're going with a traditional goal list on this one.

We're planning to move out sometime in February, and we have nothing so far. We have a big database of available apartments, but we need to contact & visit all our options before making a decision. We also need to declutter a lot to make the move easier, and then there's the whole process of packing.

So, what needs to be done is:

  • Save up our moving fund: this includes the deposit, mover's fees, boxes (I want plastics ones that can also be used for storage at our new place), everything
  • Contact every single option in our database and ask for basic information: number of rooms and bathrooms, rent, and things like that, so we can discard some options
  • Get that list down to 10-15 options that seem really awesome and arrange visits to see them in person
  • Get that list down to maximum 3 options that we really reaaallly like
  • Declutter the following areas of our current apartment in order to prepare for the move:
    • Closet
    • Bedroom
    • Kitchen
    • Bathroom
    • Office space


Whew, that's kind of a lot, even if they're technically only three goals. I'll start with goals 1 and 3 right away, but I don't do much cooking at the moment since I'm at my parent's house for the holidays. I'll pick up the pace in January, tho!


I'm so excited for this!

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Nice plan! I'm a rookie too, and I'm planning out my first challenge ever. Good luck, out there! Also, nice application  of the atomic habits in real life 😉

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Wow, you are the second person I've seen challenging who referenced Atomic Habits. I haven't read it yet, but I listened to a podcast this morning in which James Clear was the guest. 


Your goals look fantastic. 

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I love that your goals are simple but with concrete details about how to make them work. Good luck!

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Welcome and happy new year~ Looking like some great goals there! Following to watch you kick butt!

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Thanks to everyone that stopped by! Happy new year!

It's nice to see interest in atomic habits because I swear I'm obsessed with that book, so much insight in every single page :D


I had every intention of starting in week 0 to get in the swing of things and try to get ahead, then I got my booster shot and that knocked me out for a few days and then the new year and bleh, I didn't do anything. 


But! The challenge has officially started, so let's go

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Yesterday I got my groceries delivered and cooked quite a bit. So far, I've eaten 5 home cooked meals, so I'm quite on track! My boyfriend is still visiting his parents, which means planning meals just for me and that's so much easier. This also gives me a bit of time to prepare for his arrival and hopefully have a few options of meal plans that we can look over together. 

I also worked out today. Even though today was supposed to be a gym day, the carpool voted for going home early. So, I came home and did a quick 20 minute kettlebell beginner workout. I really liked it! I recently bought a 10lb kettlebell because I've been using them at the gym and it's my first time using it at home and it was great! It was challenging but I really like the exercises that can be done with the kettlebell. 


So far, this is my progress:

  • Build a consistent exercise routine: 1 workout, haha, but hey, it's only Monday, so I'm still on track to get to 3x a week
  • Clean up my eating: 5 home cooked meals so far!
  • Find a new apartment: I'm so behind! I've only called like 5 phone numbers, but now that I'm home, I hope I can pick up the pace

I'll also try to be a bit more active in the forums! Haven't had much time to read over all the other challenges

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How are things going with your goals?

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