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Darciana Round Two


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On 1/21/2022 at 2:41 PM, Yasha92 said:

Is there anything we can do to support you virtually? 

sending love and care and healing for your respective families


Be Strong Merry Christmas GIF


You're very kind. I just needed a rant to get it off my chest. And a break. I'm better now and hopefully can get back on track slowly in the coming days. 

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5 hours ago, Elastigirl said:

Learning how to maintain during stress is great progress! 


It's progress I didn't know I had made, but it is indeed there. And I'm beyond thankful for it, too. It's hard when you don't see the progress, but now I know that it may not manifest itself until certain situations arise and I need to be patient. And not all progress is about strength, weight, or mindset, either. Lesson learned! 


Thank you for being amazing support. Sometimes that is all that is needed in the end. I've got an entire Rebellion behind me and I had no idea how badly I needed that until now 🙂

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Good to see you back!


We are indeed supporting you from afar ❤️

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Nutrition: Not at all paleo, but MUCH more balanced than the past week. Plus, I had veggies at lunch AND dinner. I do like quite a few veggies, it's just finding ways to incorporate them. I managed yesterday with leftovers for today's lunch as well. Dinner is likely at Fam's since BF's son should arrive home around dinner (plane lanes 4pm and it's an hour and a half drive away). We typically have dinner at Fam on Fridays and they're excited to see him. Last time he was here was end of summer last year. 


Workout: Done. I did it. Went to get vehicles inspected as a distraction (lucky me since they changed schedule to Thursday and Saturdays only for inspections) and it got me out for fresh air and gave me enough energy to come home and knock out the NF bodyweight workout that's been overdue for a week. It was challenging. Moreso than normal. Didn't progress anything, but DID maintain from last 5E I did. 


Budget: Doing ok. We will get more back in closing costs which will help us. Since sellers are shocking the well to clean, we can use the money set aside for that for painting and moving instead. Luckily our friends are all willing to help with painting party and moving so we shouldn't need to rent a trailer or Uhaul. Will also help with grocery costs as now I have a 17 yo boy to feed on top of BF and I. He eats a TON. 

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Been a bit absent from posting, but I've been here. 


Nutrition: not ideal but with a picky eater now in the house, things have changed quite a bit food-wise. Once we settle into it, I'll be back on track. 


Workout: Did one on Monday and one due today. I'll get to that once coffee goes down and I start feeling a little more awake (coffee does nothing to help wake me up, I just like the taste of it and need to drink it before it goes cold)


Budget: Getting tiiiiight as we get closer to closing. Still looking okay though. 

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