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metl_lord's new start


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Hi. I'm metl_lord. I've been on these forums for around 10 years now but have never done any challenges. I'm starting a new job halfway through January, which is a big change, so I decided that now's the time to focus on improving a few other parts of my life.


1. Food goals

I've logged my food before, but usually stop when I'm logging entire pizzas or multiple portions of a meal. For 5 weeks, it's only 175 meals. I am going to log each meal and try to stay under my calorie and sodium goals for the day. The more important part is logging the meals, so I'll treat the calories as a stretch goal.


2. Exercise

I bought a Peloton at the beginning of the pandemic and used it a lot to start. In 2021, I really dropped off using it. I also have a climbing gym membership which I use, but not as much as I want. For the five weeks, I'm going to ride the Peloton three times a week and go to the climbing gym three times a week.


3. Life

My new job is a huge change. I'm going to be working in an office three days a week and remote two. I've been remote since January of 2020. I'm also switching from academia to the corporate world, which will take some adjustment. I am going to document what I'm learning and what I have done for the day in a journal every evening. This should get me on the right track to not get fired or overwhelmed.


I'm using a variety of apps to keep track of my food and habits, but I will add a reminder to update my progress once a week here.


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Ten years! Well, welcome to your first challenge and I hope it goes well! Journaling is super useful, in my experience. Good luck with the new job 🙂

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