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Does anyone run with their iPhone?   Mine is not huge, but  I am wondering what suggestions you all have for ways to carry it on a run.



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I previously used an arm band, but I feel like as phones get bigger (and / or cases get bulkier), they are less comfortable. 


I currently have a flip belt (https://flipbelt.com/) and really like it, although a colleague of mine has complained about hers stretching out (mine is a little loose, but it's because I've lost some weight since I bought it). Sometimes it will get annoying having to adjust while on a run, but my phone has never fallen out and it has room for keys or anything else small you'd need to carry.


One of the long distance runners I follow (Amelia Boone) recommends Koala Clip (https://koalaclip.com/) and this will probably be my next purchase to try.

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Most of my running tights have zippered pockets on the thigh and I usually keep my phone in there. Used to have an armband which I liked, but my phone is older, smaller model (2016 SE). Been having trouble finding a new armband that’s not way too big for my phone. 

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