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Woot, great job on Sunday! I  really like how after you had a bad few days, you got right on track, starting out slow and building momentum.

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"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind' Luke 10; 27

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55 minutes ago, Elastigirl said:

Woot, great job on Sunday! I  really like how after you had a bad few days, you got right on track, starting out slow and building momentum.


Thank you!😊 I'm really, really trying not to beat myself up if I go off track for a couple of days. Sometimes feeling guilty really just makes you dive deeper into your worse habits.

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Today was certainly a day. It was actually pretty good until around 3, at which point everything just became incredibly frustrating. However, in terms of my goals, everything went well and I'm proud that the blahs of earlier didn't impact the goals overall.


🌟 Today was crow work out day. I took the "easier" alternative suggestions in the videos instead of going all in, but it still felt like quite a work out.

🌟Posture: shoulders are less painful, but it seems to have moved to my lower back. I don't know if that's progress. I did remember to keep posture up while walking.

🌟Came in under MFP goal, which is always the hardest one when I'm stressed out.

🌟Got groceries and did some meal planning, so no take out for me.

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Happy Wednesday! I've noticed the sun has been setting later and later, and my solar-powered self is very happy to not feel exhausted at 4:30.


Flower Rose GIF


Today's goals:

🌟Did my usual yoga routine. Focused on something slow that would reduce anxiety, rather than something super faced-paced that was more of a "work out." Considering some work nonsense that happened today, this was probably the best choice for me.

🌟Posture was a bit better today, I can't say I was perfect 100% of the time, but my back was definitely less sore overall.

🌟I came under my MFP target. I also weighed myself, and am currently at a lower weight than I was before working from home started. I only really want to lose a couple more pounds, so I'm pretty happy with how things are going.

🌟No socializing with others, therefore no take out. I'm actually so surprised how hard it was to get back into this mindset. It's like one bad day made me crave everything from every restaurant in walking distance.

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Not much to say about today. The boyfriend usually comes over tonight, but he's not feeling well.  You'd think I'd use this as an opportunity to have another perfect MFP day, but you'd be wrong. That being said, I definitely ate less than I would have had we had our usual date night tonight, so I suppose that's a step in the right direction.


🌟Did a short 15 min yoga routine at lunch before I knew I'd have my evening free. Still, got that yoga time in, so I'm counting it as one of my five days.

🌟Posture was good until I hit a 3pm wall and stopped being as mindful. I kept having to correct myself once I realized I was slouching.

🌟I'm over the MFP target, but slightly under what today probably would have been anyways. I have trained myself to see Thursdays and Saturdays as "days off." I can't decide if that's a healthy outlook or not tbh.

🌟But I didn't get take out! I just made a bunch of pasta.

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Its Friday Yes GIF by Denyse®


I took a bubble bath and it was lovely.


On to the goals:

🌟Did a yoga for weight loss video today and was happy to wrap up the week with one that was a bit more challenging than what I've done previously this week.

🌟Posture was good, nothing to note really. I keep having to remind myself to put my shoulders back, but that's nothing new.

🌟Came in under my MFP target. Woo!

🌟No take out. Will probably have some tomorrow if the boyfriend comes over, so that will be a nice treat.

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Time for a weekend recap!



🌟Didn't do yoga, but I did do it for 5 days in a row so I met my weekly goal.

🌟Posture was....decent. I always find it so much harder to maintain on weekends when I'm not sitting a chair all day. Maintaining decent posture while relaxing on a couch is basically impossible.

🌟Was way over the MFP goal, which I expected. The boyfriend made lava cakes, so it was worth it.

🌟We got take out, which is allowed since the goal is only about getting it alone.



🌟Did a 15 minute yoga video since I wanted to move around in some way.

🌟Posture was better, and there was definitely an effort to keep the shoulders back

🌟Came in slightly over MFP goals, but not feeling that bad about it.

🌟No one else around means no take out.


Bring on Monday!

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It's a new week, and even though it has been pouring out and grey all day, it was surprisingly productive. Hopefully the whole week is this way, because it actually wasn't too bad.


🌟Today was crow pose day. I actually tried to lift my feet off the ground, but it didn't amount to anything. I'll probably keep this goal for the next challenge as well. I can tell I'm in a better place than I was the very first time I tried the video I've been using. That first time was a mess.

🌟My back ached when I tried to keep posture up today. Definitely something to reevaluate if I plan to keep this a conscious part of my goals.

🌟Came in under MFP goal for the day. Decided not to get groceries today because it wouldn't stop raining, so that will be a tomorrow activity.

🌟No take out. Did have some soup. It was very nice.


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That's awesome that you are learning the crow pose! It's fun, and a great build wrist strength. It took me forever to get it, but  you will get it if you keep at it.

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"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind' Luke 10; 27

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Someone I work with said that today felt like "a second Monday" which is true, but I was just as productive as yesterday. It was a bit blah, but I can't argue that a lot got done. I was also reminded that summer hours at work start in May, which isn't that far away! Something to look forward to, especially as we are getting more sun every day.


🌟Did this new abs-focused video from Yoga with Adriene. Everyone warned me it was difficult, but I actually didn't find it so bad. I think it would have killed me this time last year, so it's nice to see some progress.

🌟Posture was decent until around 3pm. I find that's when I tend to hit a wall and my upper back/shoulders get incredibly sore. I took a five minute break to lie down before sitting back in my chair again.

🌟Came in under MFP target. Also went grocery shopping and did some meal planning. Now I just need to wait for my avocado to ripen...

🌟No take out. 



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Well if yesterday was a second Monday, today was a third one. Onto the goals!


🌟Did the office break yoga video, which is only 15 minutes long.

🌟Posture was okay, used a heating pad when things were getting a little sore.

🌟Came over MFP target. I know for a fact I will tomorrow as well, so not feeling too great about that. I had a therapy appointment today and just needed something comforting, which meant a giant bowl of pasta...which is obviously what set me over. I was feeling okay about the decision at first, but now that I see how tomorrow will likely turn out, I'm feeling a bit bad about it.

🌟But no take out, so I guess that's something.

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Oh hey. Guess what? I totally forgot to report in yesterday, but in fairness....it's been a week, you guys. Also, I'm feeling lazy, so no stars as bullet points. You get dashes, and you will enjoy them.



-Did 15 minutes of yoga over my lunch break, which was fine.

-Posture was decent

-Came in over MFP target as I knew I would, but planned ahead and was a bit more mindful with my food intake throughout the day. I didn't intentionally skip meals, but I did eat lighter alternatives to my normal day to day diet. So, I wasn't over by as much as I would have been, but I also wasn't hungry throughout the day.

-No take out. 



-Did 27 minutes of yoga, which is 7 minutes more than I tend to do on days where I have a free evening.

-Posture was okay. My neck started bothering me during the afternoon, so I used a heating pad which....kind of helped?

-Under MFP target.

-No takeout

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This week is going to be very troublesome. It's very busy at work, my mother has decided to come into town for a visit for some reason, and daylight savings is kicking my butt. So we shall see how things go and how I feel the more the week goes on.


But we are only at Monday, so let's get to it.


-Yoga! Today was crow practice day. While I still can't get my feet off the ground, I did find getting into position much easier than it has been previously.

-I'm going to be honest, I didn't care about posture today. I may come back to this, but I think this goal was a bit of a bust. 

-Came in over MFP target. I always think I'm the kind of person who can buy a bag of popcorn to eat throughout the week, but it turns out I am definitely not. I scarfed the whole bag and regretted it.

-But no take out. I mean, I guess the popcorn was kind of unintentional take out. But...well, it was original supposed to be part of the grocery run so.... 🤷‍♀️


Well, that's today. Onwards to the rest of the week!


crow GIF

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Today sure was...a day. Actually, it wasn't so bad by the end of the day, but it was pretty rough this afternoon. I booked tomorrow off for appointments, errands, and nonsense I need to do before my mom comes into town on Thursday, but it will be nice to focus on something else.


In the meantime, here is today:

-Yoga: did a 24 minute video, and tried to only look at it when I needed clarification on a pose. I'm always terrible at staring at a screen, even if I should technically be looking straight ahead or at the ground.

-Posture was decent, but I definitely lost the willpower at 2pm when work made me want to rip my hair out.

-Came in below MFP target.

-And no take out.

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Yesterday was a very busy day, so I didn't check in then, so doubling up things today.



-Yoga: Nope. Didn't have time, but I can make up for it during the weekend.

-Posture: Was on my feet all day. I didn't really have a chance to think about it, to be honest. I wasn't literally hunched over at a desk, so I guess that's a win.

-MFP target: Slightly over, but not by much

-Take out: None



-Yoga: Got in 15 minutes before my mom came in.

-Posture: Pretty decent, managed to maintain it until later in the afternoon

-MFP target: Came in under target

-Take out: None. My mom didn't want take out, so I didn't get any either.


And tomorrow is Friday! Yay!


Celebrate Its Friday GIF by telenet

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Happy Friday! I am pretty excited to sleep in tomorrow if I'm being honest. Even though my mom is in town and that usually throws me off completely, I actually managed to stick to my goals today.


-Yoga: did 15 minutes at lunch

-Posture: Pretty decent, definitely caught myself and straightened my back up more

-MFP target: came in below target

-Didn't get takeout

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Happy last day of the challenge! I'll probably post more thoughts/a wrap up of some kind once my mom leaves and I have more solo time to think on things more, but for now let's cover the last day:


-Yoga: none, but I apparently walked 8400 steps so that's certainly not nothing. I'll try to sneak in a video tomorrow if I can.

-Posture: was actually pretty good! Or at least, I caught and corrected myself when I slouched.

-MFP target: went way over. My sister and her boyfriend cooked us dinner at their place, so there was a lot of food happening.

-Take out: Went to a restaurant with family members, which is within the take out/restaurant rules of the challenge.

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In terms of wrapping things up here, I actually think this has been the most productive challenge yet, and I'll probably duplicate it for the next round...albeit with a few modifications. 


Some things I've noticed:


-I still can't do crow pose, but I have definitely noticed an improvement both in strength and flexibility. I want to maintain working on this once a week so that I can keep improving.

-Posture is a weird and oddly difficult thing. I don't know if I can maintain what I was doing throughout the month, but I can  continue to work to improve it while also doing my TMJ stretches to keep working on making my jaw less painful.

-I've lost weight at a slow and reasonable rate without feeling deprived. I'd like to keep this up since I am so close to my goal weight.

-I'll keep this up as well. It gets easier and easier, but I fell off of it a bit because my mom came in, which always inspires some stress eating. I'd like to get back on track.


All in all, I really felt this was the best challenge yet. Looking forward to 5 more weeks.

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