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Respawning again

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Hello everyone,


Coming back after taking far too much time off in which I did not make good choices, but I'm rather determined to make things work this time around, even though I'm feeling in over my head at the moment, mostly involving nutrition.  I am on the waitlist for surgery for a bowel resection, and in the meantime, I have to eat a low-residue, low fibre diet while being on steroids for inflammation.  As a vegetarian, I have found it difficult to eat healthy (relying mostly on empty carbs) which has significantly packed on the pounds.  Coupled with working in healthcare during a very stressful pandemic, I am the heaviest I've ever been.


I've reopened my tracking app after not doing it for years and I'm committed to tracking for the week to hold myself accountable for empty snacking.  I'm not entirely sure what to do about exercise yet as I don't feel fit enough for even beginner programs, but I've downloaded several podcasts and plan on doing at least 3 30 minute walks between today and Friday.


Hopefully, I will come up with some more concrete plans in the coming weeks.

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First and foremost, be kind to yourself: it sounds like you're carrying a stressful load. ❤️  Starting with walking 3x a week is a great idea! It can help you destress, too. Can your doctor give you recommendations on what foods to eat while waiting for the surgery? I'm sure they could recommend some foods or a cookbook that would help. Start small: plan out one meal at a time and don't try to change your whole diet overnight. 


We're all here to bounce plans off of, or help come up with ideas. You've got this!

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Wow life has really thrown you a curve ball. You seem to be in good spirits despite this! :) Well done


I find every little thing helps. For this newest challenge I have 2 scheduled breaks where I just get up and move a little bit. And I always park farther away from the grocery store. Got to sneak those steps in ;)


I don't think you should let your current fitness stop you if you do find a beginner program you want to try. Do what you can now and record your progress. Then try for a bit more next time. 

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