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Challenge Wrap Up Thread!

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Now that this challenge is over and we're prepping for zero week, let's take a minute to reflect on this last challenge - how'd it go? 


Post below with your challenge review, or a link to yours in your own thread :)


Ideally, you'll do your review before you start your new challenge - we will see much greater success in the new challenge if we take some time to reflect on the one we just completed, as well as talk about what worked and didn't work with everyone else to get ideas :)


It's not required, but reflection can have just as big of an impact as planning. 


Do well? Don't be afraid to brag on yourself! This is the right place! See someone who didn't do so well? That's why we're all doing this together, right? Offer some ideas to help :)








So - how'd it go?  Share with us below!


Here's my favorite way to review: 


SUCCESSES - what worked well?

STUMBLES - what didn't go so great?

SET UPS - what will you change for the next challenge?


One other thing that can be helpful to look at:


What is one thing you learned from the previous challenge? 





P.S.  The new challenge will go live Sunday, March 20th, and will run from March 27 to April 30

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My challenge was focused on the unseen results of the day-to-day work of burnout recovery. The challenge was titled "Under the Soil" in reference to the activity that goes on under the soil in late winter before things sprout up out of the ground. I did a lot of little things expecting not to see results right away, but rather have the results sneak up on me. Indeed, despite not much change in my circumstances, I'm more content at work and in my life than I was when the challenge happened. Also, I stuck with KB workouts, and focused on consistency, rather than reps, and again had results sneak up on me. Towards the end I realized I must have had a recomp going on. Without much change on the scale my pants are a little looser.

I happily accept those results



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Current Challenge

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SUCCESSES - I read a lot of books and had some personal growth moments I'm happy about.

STUMBLES -There were some stressful happenings, and instead of leaning on healthy habits, I went back to shutting down. 

SET UPS - I'm going to focus on weight loss for the next challenge, and also some daily habits to make life easier during the hard days. 


What is one thing you learned from the previous challenge? 

I learned that SMART goals can be handy, and don't have to be strict and stressful. 

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I jumped in after a bout with COVID and only did the last 2 weeks of the challenge but I am very well positioned now for the next one!

I found that listening to fitness podcasts really helps keep me on track with my other goals. Keeping up with my workouts and nutrition seems to fall in place better when I am regularly listening to my favorites (Stronger By Science, 3DMJ, Revive Stronger, etc.). 

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My challenge summary:

Successes: Only missed one day for stretching and got the furniture moved out of the apartment and either into storage or our room. :)

Stumbles: Did not do well with vitamins. I think a lot of that was having them at the apartment and spending most of my time with my family instead of at the apartment.

Set Ups: Planning to actually fill my vitamin container for the week sometime over the weekend so it's ready for the week.

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