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One day I was in my local goodwill and saw an interesting self help book called Stick With It by Sean Young. (Ironically not the book that started this website and forum) I bought it and have been slowly plodding through it trying to figure out why I keep shooting myself in the foot, losing all my progress and ending back up respawning with nothing learned or in my pockets but self loathing, frustration and a bitter self determination to get it right this time.

As I have been following the steps outlined in this book one of them was to get into a community or like minded people- something I have never really done fitness wise. I have always loved forums and have been a part of a few over the years and enjoyed the community within them so I hope to do the same here! I was excited to find out about this community as the last forum I was a part of was a video game forum. 


So a little about myself:  I'm over 30 and have been married to my hubs for almost 13 years now. I have two kiddos that I homeschool. I love the Legend of Zelda, chai lattes, and bujo-ing. I really dislike people who don't take no for an answer, getting my socks wet without warning, and liver.  I have tried every diet under the sun but the one that works the best for me is the keto diet. Carbs are definitely not my friends and my body just really doesn't like them. I hit goal weight before on keto a couple years back, but after having a baby and turning 30 at the same time it has been a struggle bus.  So that's me! Looking forward to figuring this place out and meeting everyone.  ❤️


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Welcome! I think you will find this community amazing, and super encouraging.  I homeschooled my son all the way through highschool (he's now 30!)

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Welcome! I'm glad you've found the forum to be a place you feel comfortable. Share your goals, let people know about your quests as you accomplish them! I'm also new here but I've found that big changes have been taking place in me as I've been Stick(ing) With It! Dropping in daily has really helped me to not feel alone. It helps that there are many people on here with LOTS of experience and wisdom to impart. Good luck on your goals, and hope to see you more around here!


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Nice to meet you! I also have two kids who used to be homeschooled, though they both eventually decided to try a democratic school/both go to school now. And, I also have similar feelings about community around health/fitness...it's definitely a gap for me and seems like it could be really helpful.

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A belated welcome! I'm also using a bullet journal, mostly as data collection and life record, with a dash of getting things done. Hope you find what you're looking for here! 

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